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Xylity has been digitally transforming businesses globally for more than 12 years. In the enterprise application landscape, we found that legacy applications do essential business tasks, which are very expensive to maintain and run.

The risks of running legacy systems on hardware and software that may not be supported, the rigid and closed architectures that prevent web enablement and integration with modern platforms, the limited talent pool, and the longer SLA times for customers because of non-real-time architecture options are just some of the problems they cause. Xylity is here to solve all of these issues.

Key Challenges Organizations Face

  • Most applications are expensive to maintain and not economically viable to all organizations.
  • Legacy applications require tremendous resources to support, and at the same time, organizations need to improve their digital experiences continuously.
  • Lack of interoperability leads to inefficiencies- Many organizations tend to retain several existing application software, leading to operational inefficiencies as the apps are not properly integrated.
  • Failure to integrate new applications- In case cloud apps exist in silos, modernization proves to be a big failure. Point-to-point integrations are not possible when several applications are running together.
  • Misalignment of business and technology terms- Misalignment leads to inefficient and redundant applications.

DevOps Powered Modernization

Xylity strategically devises the right approach powered by DevOps to modernize
existing infrastructure, processes, applications, or the entire business model.

Our Services


Platform Modernization

  • Legacy to cloud
  • DevOps enablement
  • Infrastructure Modernization
  • IaaS

Application Modernization

  • Re-coding to New Framework/Platform
  • Re-engineering the process
  • Upgrade/ re-factor to latest version
  • Re-design the UX

Entire Business Transformation

  • Assessment of the current software ecosystem
  • Create a Transformation Roadmap
  • Right Technology/ Tool Selection
  • Adoption of AI/ML

How We Do It

  • Implement multi-cloud platforms- Xylity facilitates the establishment of compliance strategies along with integrating on-premises and cloud environments.
  • Deliver responsive pixel-perfect designs and develop design QA– We research and understand the needs of your business, calculate the user flows, design wireframes, and deliver intuitive and engaging UX.
  • Develops intuitive cross-platform interfaces-Xylity advances intuitive cross-platform interfaces, which saves cost and removes platform-specific coding.
  • Microservices– Our microservices offer similar benefits to more advanced technology and decouple various components that can be independently operated.
  • Automation– Automation and orchestration is a critical technology to manage modern applications sustainably, make processes simple, save costs and increase efficiency.
  • Application modernization with the help of containers and Kubernetes– Containers and Kubernetes help hold and deploy workloads and applications. Containerization offers greater profitability and scalability to run across the cloud or any other system. Containerization ensures simplified movement across several environments.
  • Application reengineering– Application reengineering improves the look and feel along with granting web and mobile enablement. A vast pool of legacy application modernization skills leads to increased performance and response time.
  • Cloud Computing– Cloud Computing is an essential element of application modernization. The cloud models assist organizations in solving their own distinct policies.

Utilize Various App Modernization Services To Leverage Your Business Objectives

Xylity Roadmap To Modernization

Industries We Are Helping

  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Healthcare
  • NPO
  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • BFSI
  • Logistics
  • Telecom

Why Xylity?

Xylity offers options including rehosting, re-platforming, recoding, interoperability, and rearchitecting to provide businesses with an end-to-end app modernization approach to rebuild with cloud-native architectures. Partnering with Xylity, evades some critical challenges businesses face, including overlapping business processes, dependencies from hard-coding integrations, and various technologies.

Xylity allows businesses to increase their development productivity, eliminate licensing costs and ensure seamless performance and optimal user experience. In addition, we will enable companies to provide faster cloud migration and leverage open-source platforms efficiently. Lastly, Xylity successfully reduces IT maintenance costs and maintains critical business workflow from legacy applications.