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What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Welcome to a new era of customer support. Salesforce Service Cloud, powered by Xylity, revolutionizes your customer service. It’s fast, efficient, and personal. The results? They speak for themselves:

A whopping 43% increase in customer retention. Your customers stick around.

A 51% boost in agent productivity. Your team gets more done.

Cases resolved 28% faster. Your customers are happier, quicker.

That’s the Xylity difference.

Key Features

Let’s dive into the game-changers:

Omni-Channel Routing

Balance your workload. Route cases based on agent skills or availability.

Case Management

Control the chaos. Manage the entire lifecycle of a case, from start to finish.

Service Console

All in one place. Access customer data, case histories, and dashboards in a unified workspace.

Knowledge Base

Empower your customers. Let them find answers themselves in a searchable database.

Process Automation

Free up your time. Automate routine tasks and focus on what matters.

Service Analytics

Make informed decisions. Utilize real-time data to drive your customer service strategy.

Field Service

Be there for your customers. Schedule, dispatch, and track field service in real time.

Self-Service Communities

Foster engagement. Give customers a platform to share and learn from each other.

Einstein Bots

Serve customers 24/7. Let AI chatbots handle basic customer inquiries.

App Builder

Customize your experience. Build your own apps to suit your unique needs.

With Xylity and Salesforce Service Cloud, customer service is a breeze.

Integration Capabilities

With Salesforce Service Cloud, you’re not just getting a top-notch customer service platform. You’re stepping into a world of seamless integration. Let’s explore:

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Picture a flawless handover from sales to support. With Sales Cloud integration, it’s a reality. Sync customer data. Streamline communication. Drive customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing and customer service, hand in hand. Share insights. Coordinate campaigns. Deliver a unified customer experience.

But it’s not just about integration. It’s about customization. With Salesforce Service Cloud, you can shape your workflow. Fit the tool to your business, not the other way around.
You’re not alone in this. We at Xylity are with you every step of the way.


We listen. We understand your business. We help you design the perfect integration strategy.


We do the heavy lifting. We configure. We customize. We integrate.


We don’t stop at implementation. We support. We troubleshoot. We ensure your operations run smoothly.

With Xylity, integration is not a challenge. It’s an opportunity. An opportunity to streamline. To unify. To enhance.


Great customer service shouldn’t break the bank. With Salesforce Service Cloud, it doesn’t have to. Let’s break it down:


Starting at $25/user/month. Perfect for small businesses just starting their customer service journey. Get access to core service features. Kickstart your customer service revolution.


Priced at $75/user/month. Ideal for growing businesses ready to take customer service to the next level. Enjoy complete service functionality. Amp up your customer support.


At $150/user/month. Designed for large businesses with complex service needs. Benefit from advanced service features. Transform your customer support operations.


For $300/user/month. The ultimate package for businesses that want it all. Get unlimited support, customization, and training. Supercharge your customer service.

But it’s not just about the price. It’s about value. It’s about return on investment. And with Salesforce Service Cloud, the returns are impressive.

Remember, we’re here to help. Need a personalized offering description? We’ve got you covered.

Want to understand the best fit for your business?

At Xylity, we believe in making customer service affordable. Because great service is priceless.

Customer Service Challenges & Solutions

Challenges in customer service? We’ve all been there:

Jumbled Communication

Too many channels. Too many messages. It’s chaos.

Slow Response Times

Customers waiting. Patience waning. Satisfaction dropping.

Lack of Personalization

Customers feeling like just another number.

Salesforce Service Cloud has the solutions:

Unified Interface

One platform, many channels. Say goodbye to communication chaos.

Automated Routing

Speed up response times. No more long waits.

Customer Profiles

Know your customers. Offer personalized service.

But, it’s not just about solving problems. It’s about transforming customer service. With Salesforce Service Cloud, you don’t just meet expectations. You exceed them.

Xylity Services

At Xylity, we don’t just sell solutions. We partner. We guide. We transform. Here’s how:

Salesforce Consulting

We listen. We analyze. We strategize. Together, we design your customer service journey.


We don’t leave you hanging. We install. We configure. We integrate. We set you up for success.


We make transitions smooth. We move your data. We ensure nothing gets lost in transition.

Managed Services

We stick around. We monitor. We maintain. We optimize. We’re there for you, long-term.

We go beyond technology. We focus on people. On processes. On performance.

Why? Because we believe in the power of great customer service. We believe in customer satisfaction. In customer loyalty. In business growth.

With Xylity and Salesforce Service Cloud, customer service isn’t a chore. It’s an opportunity. An opportunity to connect. To impress. To grow.

Case Study Results

When ABC Corp partnered with Xylity for Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, the results were less of a surprise and more of an expectation fulfilled. Here’s what happened:

75% Increase in Agent Productivity: Agents were no longer juggling channels. They had one unified interface. More time spent resolving issues, less time spent managing them.

30% Reduction in Response Time: With automated routing, customers were connected to the right agents faster. That led to quicker problem resolution and happier customers.

50% Decrease in Support Costs: Streamlined processes meant less wasted time and resources. The result was a significant drop in support costs.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: The numbers say it all. ABC Corp’s customer satisfaction score skyrocketed by 40%.

But it wasn’t just about the numbers. It was about transformation. ABC Corp went from firefighting customer service issues to proactively managing them. From dissatisfied customers to loyal advocates.

That’s the power of Salesforce Service Cloud with Xylity.


These aren’t just testimonials. They’re experiences. Success stories.

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