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Because Decisions are Driven by Data

The Need for BI & Analytics in Logistics

Think back. Last quarter’s logistics mishaps. Poor decisions. Lack of data. Ring a bell? We’re here to change that. Xylity’s BI & Analytics. The game-changer your logistics business needs.

Data isn't just numbers. It's your path to smarter decisions. More efficiency. Greater profits.

With Xylity, you: Choreograph Delivery How You Want

Ascend to Peak Efficiency with Xylity’s Route Optimization

In logistics, every movement counts. The true elegance lies in optimization. And the prima ballerina? Route Optimization.

BI & analytics is a maestro, orchestrating a symphony of real-time enroute data:

Traffic's ebb and flow?

We’re on it

Whimsical weather conditions?

We’ve got it covered.

Unexpected road construction?

We’ve already factored it in.

And at each stop, we don’t miss a beat:

Service time windows?

We respect the rhythm.

Truck restrictions?

We harmonize with constraints.

Customer requirements?

We cater to the melody.

Predictive analytics conducts this orchestra with:

Advanced algorithms

forecasting travel times.

Machine learning

pinpointing precise arrival times.

Experience the crescendo of benefits:

Shrink mileage and fuel usage

Boost on-time delivery rates

Slash transportation overheads

Enhance asset utilization

With Xylity, your routes come alive on vibrant, interactive geospatial maps. Access route optimization insights anytime, anywhere with the mobile app. Make continuous improvement not just an aspiration, but a reality.

Guide your fleet with intelligence. Let Xylity be your compass on the journey to logistics triumph.

Ways Xylity's route optimization solution factors in delivery constraints for each stop

Time Windows – The solution considers pre-defined time windows for each delivery stop. Routes are generated to arrive within the delivery appointment window.

Truck Restrictions – Based on truck size, weight limits, hazmat restrictions, etc. for each stop, incompatible routes are filtered out. Only feasible routes are proposed

Customer Requirements – Special delivery instructions like lift-gate needed, residential delivery, inside delivery are taken into account. Routes violating these rules are excluded.

Order Volumes – The volume and weight of orders for each stop are considered to create routes that do not exceed truck capacity limits.

Driver Hours – Hours of Service regulations for drivers are factored in to ensure planned routes observe mandatory breaks and off-duty times.

Dock Availability – For stops with dock scheduling, routes align with dock door appointment times. Routes are adjusted in case of delays.


Your Maestro for Warehouse Operations

What Xylity Offers:

Real-time visibility

Keep your finger on the pulse of stock levels across all facilities.

Automated alerts

Never miss a beat with alerts on low inventory based on your defined thresholds.

Item identification

Know your lead performers and supporting cast with identification of fast/slow moving items.

Xylity Empowers You To:

Fine-tune warehouse space

Play the perfect melody with optimal warehouse layout.

Strike the right staffing chord

Adjust workforce capacity in harmony with demand.

Hit the high notes on inventory turns

Improve stock rotation and keep the rhythm flowing.

Experience the Symphony of Benefits:

Boost inventory accuracy

No more wrong notes.

Reduce carrying costs

Play a lean, cost-effective tune.

Increase labor productivity

Get your warehouse band playing in perfect harmony.

Accelerate order processing

Keep the tempo high and the orders flowing.


Your Compass in the Odyssey of Fleet Management

In fleet management, Xylity is your trusted navigator, converting raw telematics data into a map of insights guiding your strategic decisions.

Unleash the Power of Xylity:

Vehicle Tracking

Real-time location and status monitoring, geo-fencing and stop detection, and route history playback.


Sensor-captured fault codes, parameter thresholds and alerts, and remote diagnostics to identify issues.


Monitoring driver behavior, tracking vehicle utilization, and fuel consumption.


Predictive maintenance capabilities, real-time anomaly detection, and recommendations to improve fleet KPIs.

Reap the Whirlwind of Benefits:

Boost Uptime

Keep your fleet sailing smoothly with preventive maintenance.

Reduce Operating Costs

Navigate towards more cost-effective operations.

Improve Fleet Productivity

Get more from your fleet with data-driven insights.

Maximize Vehicle Lifetime Value

Keep your fleet vessels shipshape for longer.

Demand Forecasting

Forecasting can feel like gazing into a murky crystal ball. Xylity clears the fog, leveraging predictive analytics to accurately anticipate demand shifts.

Xylity Analyzes:

Past Sales Patterns

Learn from history to predict the future.

Market Trends

Stay aligned with the ebbs and flows of the market.

Economic Indicators

Adjust to the broader economic landscape.

Promotional Events

Account for your marketing efforts.

Competitor Actions

Keep an eye on the competition.

Our solution employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms to identify demand drivers and detect even the slightest shifts.

Experience the Magic of Benefits:

Agile Capacity Planning

Be nimble and adaptive in aligning resources to demand.

Optimized Inventory

Avoid the pitfalls of shortages or excess stock.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers happy with better product availability.

Reduced Lost Sales

Improve demand visibility to seize every sales opportunity.

Warehouse Management Dashboard

Amplify Your Logistics with Our Advanced Dashboards

Efficient warehouse management is crucial for meeting customer demands. Our intuitive warehouse dashboards provide real-time analytics so you can make data-driven decisions.

With our dashboards, you can:

  • Monitor Order Volumes: Track daily, weekly and monthly order intake. Identify peak periods to optimize staffing.
  • Follow Processing Speeds: View number of orders being processed in real-time. Ensure sufficient resources to fulfill orders on-time.
  • Minimize Backlogs: Keep tabs on unfulfilled orders and average fulfillment times. Identify and resolve bottlenecks quickly.
  • Manage Returns: See pending return volumes. Streamline processing to reduce turnaround times.
  • Analyze Revenue Trends: Compare order revenue over time. Accurately forecast future income.
  • Identify Issues: With end-to-end warehouse visibility, adjust inventory levels, storage, staffing and more to boost efficiency.

Fleet Management Dashboard

Take control of your vehicle fleet with our dynamic Fleet Management Dashboard. This powerful tool allows you to get a comprehensive view of your assets.

  • Follow open issues across all equipment with monthly bar graphs. Spot trends and quickly resolve problems.
  • Check status of each vehicle at a glance through color-coded pie charts. Ensure adequate availability.
  • Track inspections completed by month using bar graphs. Schedule preventative maintenance proactively.
  • See inspection results summarized via pie charts. Identify systemic issues to address.

Make Informed, Proactive Decisions

With an eagle-eye view of your fleet health and operations, you can:

  • Address maintenance gaps before they become critical
  • Prevent vehicle shortages that impact operations
  • Reduce equipment downtimes and costs
  • Extend the usable life of assets
  • Resolve maintenance issues before they become critical
  • Prevent vehicle downtime and shortages
  • Increase inspection thoroughness to catch problems early
  • Extend fleet lifetime by smoothing maintenance

Supplier Collaboration Dashboard

Managing supplier relationships requires real-time visibility. Our intuitive dashboards give you the insights needed to improve collaboration.

Monitor Key Metrics at a Glance

  • Track on-time delivery rates using pie charts. Identify issues early.
  • Follow cash flow cycles with line graphs. Spot delays in payments.
  • Use bar charts to analyze days receivable and payable outstanding. Improve capital efficiency.
  • Check days inventory outstanding via bar graphs. Reduce excess stock.
  • Map order volumes by county. Adjust contracts based on demand.
  • View order details and feedback in tables. Resolve problems quickly.

With comprehensive visibility into supplier performance, you can:

  • Address delivery delays before they impact operations
  • Smooth payables and receivables cycles
  • Right-size inventory levels based on demand
  • Strengthen relationships through feedback

Route Planning Dashboard

Streamline your logistics planning with our intelligent Route Planning Dashboard. This tool empowers you to:

  • Monitor total distance and travel time, for efficient route planning
  • Track fuel consumption and carbon emissions, supporting sustainability goals
  • Boost on-time arrival rates, turning every route into the best route

Route optimization is key for efficient deliveries and happy customers. Our intuitive dashboards give you real-time visibility so you can actively improve routes.

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

  • Monitor key metrics like total jobs, miles per route and total miles traveled.
  • Visualize planned versus actual routes with interactive maps and graphs. Identify inaccuracies immediately.
  • Pinpoint missed stops and completions rates. Allocate time and resources accordingly.
  • Filter data by day, week or month to analyze trends.

With our powerful planning dashboards you can:

  • Continuously refine routes based on real-time traffic, distance and stop data
  • Minimize missed deliveries through active route adjustments
  • Reduce miles travelled and fuel costs through optimized routing

Ensure on-time arrival with accurate ETAs

Embrace the power of our dashboards and start streamlining today.

Supply Chain Visibility by Xylity

Xylity is your telescope, providing real-time visibility into your entire supply chain operations via interactive dashboards.

Through the Xylity Telescope:

Shipment Tracking
  • Monitor location from origin to destination.
  • Stay updated with estimated arrival times.
  • Flag exceptions to stay ahead of issues.
Inventory Positioning
  • Conduct multi-echelon inventory analysis.
  • Identify critical stock levels.
  • Get alerted for replenishment needs.
Supplier Performance
  • Track on-time delivery metrics.
  • Keep an eye on supply capacity.
  • Monitor quality and compliance.
With Increased Visibility, You Can
  • Identify potential delays and disruptions.
  • Foster improved cross-functional collaboration.
  • Enhance supplier relationships.
  • Proactively address issues before they become problems.

Real-world examples

See how Xylity’s supply chain visibility solution has helped other logistics companies

A large 3PL was able to reduce detention fees at customer sites by getting alerts when drivers were delayed, allowing them to proactively notify customers. This improved customer satisfaction.

A food distributor gained visibility into supplier capacity constraints during a supply shortage. By knowing this in advance, they worked collaboratively with suppliers to allocate limited supply and avoid stockouts.

An e-commerce logistics provider was able to identify recurrent bottlenecks at a sort center by analyzing shipment flows. By addressing this bottleneck, they improved throughput and delivery performance.

A trucking company gained insights into drivers’ on-duty hours left and proximity to rest stops. This allowed better planning of rest breaks to avoid HOS violations.

A manufacturer identified quality issues with a critical component through supply chain analytics before it left the supplier facility. This prevented a large recall.

A retailer correlated shipment delays from a supplier with higher product defects received. This allowed them to address the root cause issue.

Optimize Logistics Costs for Maximum Savings

Managing logistics costs is complex with hundreds of variables. Get true visibility and control with Xylity. Our analytics provide granular cost breakdowns and insights across key dimensions:

Cost-to-Serve by Product

  • Last mile delivery costs
  • Transport costs
  • Warehouse handling costs
  • Total landed costs

Identify most and least profitable products.
Cost-to-Serve by Customer

  • Shipment costs
  • Inventory carrying costs
  • Overhead allocations
  • Account management costs

Evaluate customer profitability.
Cost-to-Serve by Channel

  • Transport costs
  • Packaging costs
  • Commissions & incentives
  • Returns & damages

Understand cost drivers by channel.
With deep logistics cost visibility, you can:

  • Identify opportunities to improve cost KPIs
  • Model impact of network changes
  • Inform pricing and bid decisions
  • Optimize routes, carriers, transport modes
  • Align inventory policies to profitability

Get granular insights to optimize costs, improve margins, and deliver profitability. Xylity provides the logistics cost analytics to master your bottom line.

Logistics Reimagined with Xylity

Everyday Operations in Logistics Transformed

Think about your logistics operations. Now, enhance them with Xylity.

Before & After Transformation:


From manual to automated. Schedule faster, smarter. Win: Timely shipments.

Inventory Management

From guesswork to precision. Accurate forecasts, optimal inventory. Win: Reduced stockouts and overages.

Route Planning

From static to dynamic. Real-time adjustments, optimized routes. Win: Fuel savings, quicker deliveries.

Load Optimization

From trial-and-error to algorithm-driven. Maximize capacity, minimize trips. Win: Increased efficiency, lowered costs.

Supplier Collaboration

From disjointed to seamless. Integrated platform, coordinated efforts. Win: Stronger partnerships, better outcomes.

Customer Service

From reactive to proactive. Predict issues, respond faster. Win: Boosted customer loyalty.

With Xylity, logistics operations are more than procedures. They’re opportunities. Opportunities to streamline. To innovate. To excel.

Take your logistics operations from everyday to extraordinary. That’s the Xylity way.

Experience the transformation. Experience the win. Experience Xylity.

Fortify Your Logistics with Xylity

Security & Compliance with Xylity's BI Tools

In logistics, data is gold. But it’s a treasure that needs guarding. Regulatory compliance needs observing. Enter Xylity, your digital fortress.

Data Security

Xylity’s solutions are designed with top-tier security protocols. Advanced encryption. Rigorous access controls. Continuous monitoring. Your data is safe with us.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the logistics landscape also means navigating its regulations. Xylity’s BI tools are designed with compliance in mind. GDPR. CCPA. We’ve got them covered.

Disaster Recovery

Unexpected events? We’re prepared. Xylity’s robust disaster recovery measures ensure your data resilience.

Audit Trails

Trace every action. Xylity provides comprehensive audit trails. Accountability made easy.

With Xylity, security isn’t a concern. It’s a guarantee. Compliance isn’t a challenge. It’s a feature.

Trust Xylity. Guard your data. Meet your regulations. Secure your success.

Uncomplicate Logistics with Xylity

Complex tools? Disconnected systems? Not with Xylity. We’re here to simplify. To unify. To elevate your logistics operations.

Easy to Use

Xylity’s solutions are designed with the user in mind. Intuitive interfaces. Clear instructions. Minimal learning curve.

Seamless Integration

Xylity isn’t just another tool. It’s the tool that works with your existing tools. ERP. CRM. SCM. Xylity integrates seamlessly.

Unified Dashboard

One platform. All your logistics operations. View, manage, analyze. All from Xylity’s unified dashboard.

24/7 Support

Questions? Concerns? We’re here for you. Xylity’s support team is always ready to help.

With Xylity, complexity becomes simplicity. Disconnection becomes integration. Struggle becomes ease.
Embrace the ease. Embrace Xylity.


Don’t settle for less. Elevate your logistics with Xylity. Experience security, integration, predictive analytics, and more. Ready to lead in logistics? Reach out to Xylity. Schedule a demo today.

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