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With years of experience delivering Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions, Xylity has been trusted as the technology partner to plan and execute Data-Driven Approach for businesses of every size and domain. Our deep technology experience, coupled with strong business acumen, means we have an in-depth understanding of how BI will improve your business.

We understand the challenges faced by stakeholders of any business.

  • Visibility across Organization
  • Poor decision-making due to a lack of actionable insights
  • Need to improve operational efficiency
  • Availability of Real-time data and Ad-hoc reporting
  • Identification of pain points across LOBs

4 Typical Situations of Modern-Day Businesses

  • Outdated Setup – The performance of the business intelligence/data analytics solution that your company may have developed or implemented a few years ago is deteriorating. You might be experiencing slow report loading and running, crashes, or breakdowns.
  • Poor Implementation of data platforms – You have a BI system in place, but reports are time-consuming, inaccurate, and challenging to deliver on schedule. You may not know where to look for the information you need, and getting information is time-consuming and difficult.
  • Need a Team to Implement the Solution – Your business knows the BI or data analytics solution you need to develop and deploy, but you lack the internal resources or expertise to complete the task.
  • Looking for Experts to take up the entire planning and setup – You need BI experts to take care of the entire planning and implementation of your Data strategy, including assessments, roadmaps, implementations, training, and more.

    Wherever you are at your Data Strategy - BI & Data Analytics Solutions from Xylity Comes to Rescue

    Xyltyi creates and implements industry-leading data solutions tailored to each customer’s business needs.

    Our Approach

    Assessments, Roadmap

    We define goals, map business processes, assess your current data, and create a roadmap with the right tool selection and requirement documentation.

    Project Foundation

    At the foundation stage, we develop business cases, identify use cases, and prepare the stage for implementation, including visualization, modeling and data warehouse modeling.

    Building the Solution, Delivery, and Deployment

    Data migration, reports and dashboard development, deployment of the solution.

    Scaling up and Training Support

    We continue our support to scale up the adoption and make sure stakeholders are able to get the best out of the solution with right training.

    Our Services


    BI Consulting

    We’ll help you get, clean up, and organize data through data analysis so you can make decisions based on data and improve your organization’s internal processes.


    Data Visualization

    We will help you use visual elements like charts, graphs, and more to visualize your data for business intelligence so you can plan and shape your next business move.


    Mobile BI

    Our Mobile BI Solution considers the different ways of thinking needed to make great Mobile BI Apps. It combines data visualization and technology-specific skills to create great Mobile BI Apps.


    Custom Reporting

    We offer complete custom BI reporting services on Microsoft Power BI and Google Data Studio. Each report helps your company learn more about its strengths, weaknesses, and return on investment (ROI).


    AWS, Azure, GCP

    The information stored in this kind of digital warehouse can be one of the most valuable parts of a business since it shows a lot about the company, its employees, customers, and other things.


    Data Migration

    You’ll be able to define your unique requirements, expertly configure customizable options quickly, and easily deploy a compliance-safe game plan.


    Data Governance

    We help organizations build a refined data governance strategy and guide them through the time they are putting together and collecting their vast data sets.


    Support and Maintenance

    We have support and maintenance plans for various devices and systems that cover both expected and unexpected software problems.

    Here’s Where Our Solutions Help Businesses Extensively


    ○ Get visibility on Account Receivable and Account Payables
    ○ Reconciliations across software are simplified
    ○ Track Quarterly and Annual Budgets
    ○ Forecasting with Predictive Analytics


    ○ View insights about employees and diversity
    ○ Attrition rate and problem areas
    ○ Recruitment reports
    ○ Training dashboards

    Sales & Marketing
    Sales & Marketing

    ○ Revenue dashboards
    ○ CRM Integration for Lead funnel
    ○ Pipeline and Forecasting


    ○ 360-degree view across the organization
    ○ Quick Identification of pain points
    ○ Customer Insights
    ○ Financial Health Executive Dashboard

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    Technology Expertise


    Tableau, PowerBI, AWS Quicksight, Google Data Studio, Qlikview

    Data Warehouse and ETL Tools

    Snowflake Data Cloud, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure, Amazon DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3, Teradata, Informatica ETL, Pentaho, Talend

    Data Pipeline and Workflow Management

    Panopticon, Apache Airflow.

    Utilize The Power Of BI&Data Analytics To Boost Your Performance And Accelerate Your Growth

    Industries We Have Been Helping

    • Retail and eCommerce
    • Healthcare
    • NPO
    • Hospitality
    • Travel
    • BFSI
    • Logistics
    • Telecom

    Why Xylity?

    As a fast-paced company, we formulate strategies to align with your BI and Data Analytics goals.

    Xyltyi’ solutions simplifies digital transformation for organizations and assists them with consistent catering to customer needs. As an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified organization, we ensure optimal data security. Our BI&Data Analytics services come with enhanced operational efficiencies that deliver improved customer retention for your organization. In this uncertain world, our BI&Analytics strategies allow organizations like yours to mitigate risk in several areas and make the most out of every plan. Our expertise and experience in this industry will enable you to skyrocket your growth.

    Xyltyi is Here to Help Accomplish Your Goals

    While every organization recognizes the importance of analytics, they do not all start from the same place. In fact, it is unusual for all units within a company to begin at the same point.

    At the enterprise, division, and department levels, our team of data scientists, data warehouse designers, report builders, and business analysts will assess processes, platforms, teams, and individuals for overall analytics readiness. We will accompany you on your journey into BI and Data Analytics.

    The idea is first to establish your broad business objectives, and then develop the specific techniques to support those objectives. Only then will our team conduct thorough data analysis. We map out where you want to go first, then provide BI and Data Analytics solutions and services to help you get there.

    Our goal is to get your company to the point where data drives and supports every decision, from new hires to seasonal pricing adjustments to infrastructure optimizations.