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Revitalizing Healthcare Engagement

“Before partnering with Xylity Technologies, our donor engagement strategy lacked meaningful personalization. We were struggling to connect with donors and retain their long-term support.

Xylity transformed our approach by leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Now we can automatically deliver tailored messaging to donors based on their unique interests. As a result, open rates increased 35% and retention jumped 20% – donors feel truly valued.

By streamlining processes and providing actionable insights, Marketing Cloud empowered our small team to take on 50% more campaigns while maintaining quality. We’ve never been better equipped to nurture these vital relationships.”

  • Jane Smith, Director of Philanthropy

Learn how Jane’s organization enhanced engagement through personalized, data-driven campaigns.

Maximize Engagement Across All Channels

With Marketing Cloud’s cross-channel functionality, you can deliver unified experiences that span web, email, mobile and more.

Orchestrate Journeys
  • Send timely, relevant messages across channels based on user behavior.
  • Nurture leads through automated cadences until they’re ready to buy
Engage Your Audience
  • Leverage AI to dynamically personalize each message.
  • Include interactive content like links, videos and forms
Analyze Effectiveness
  • Uncover which messages and channels drive most engagement.
  • Continuously improve by testing new tactics

Stop managing disjointed campaigns and start developing lifelong customer relationships across every touchpoint.

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Discover Your Integrated Marketing Toolkit

Marketing Cloud gives you the individual tools you need to maximize each channel and glean cross-channel insights. How will you leverage:

  • Email Studio for personalized emails
  • Journey Builder for cross-channel journeys
  • Social Studio to increase social engagement
  • Data Studio for first-party data analytics
  • Google Marketing Platform for social ads and campaigns
  • Datorama for centralized reporting across platforms
  • Advertising Studio to reach audiences at scale
  • Mobile Studio for app push notifications and mobile messaging
  • Audience Studio for identity resolution and data management
  • Pardot for B2B lead management and pipeline growth

See how the complete toolbox can streamline workflows, qualify your leads and transform your business through agile multi-channel marketing.

Leverage Data for Deeper Customer Insights

Gain a holistic view of your customers and prospects to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Data Studio:

Unify customer profiles across systems for a complete 360-degree view.

Build audiences based on attributes, behaviors and past engagement.

Leverage AI to analyze Propensity to engage, purchase or renew.

Target individuals and groups with customized messaging based on their unique preferences and path to purchase. Continuously optimize campaigns by testing variables and learning from results.

Learn How Data Studio Enables Audience Segmentation & AI-Driven Personalization Empower Teams with Actionable Insights

Arm every stakeholder with insights to make smarter decisions


  • Consolidate data across all your systems in a centralized dashboard.
  • Analyze campaign KPIs with intuitive visualization of metrics.
  • Benchmark performance against historical and industry standards.
  • Provide user-friendly reporting for non-marketers

With real-time visibility across channels and touches, your teams can collaborate more effectively to boost ROI. Optimize for excellence with data-driven guidance.

Discover How Datorama Enhances Transparency & Performance Engage Audiences at Global Scale

Reach wider audiences through comprehensive advertising capabilities

Advertising Studio:

  • Build socially optimized campaigns to boost engagement.
  • Target audiences through powerful profiling and segmentation.
  • Automate bid adjustment and campaign optimization.
  • Analyze cross-channel performance with attribution insights.
  • Access pre-built templates for common ad formats.

Take the guesswork out of social media advertising with expert tools. Grow your customer base through personalized paid social at an unmatched scale.

Discover Precision Global Advertising Solutions

Nurture Leads with AI-Driven Insights

Automate prospect engagement from awareness to onboarding.


  • Capture live leads from across your web properties.
  • Categorize visitors with AI-powered behavioral scoring.
  • Orchestrate personalized automation sequences.
  • Surface ideal next actions for reps to accelerate pipeline.
  • Track engagement and qualification in a centralized CRM.

Let data guide your outreach so you can qualify more leads into loyal customers. Optimize lead management workflows for predictable performance.

Discover How Pardot Streamlines B2B Lifecycles

Journey Builder

Journey Builder is an important part of Marketing Cloud’s capabilities for automating cross-channel journeys. Some proposed focuses for a future fold could include:

Highlight Journey Builder for coordinating cross-channel engagements

Emphasize its use in nurturing leads through personalized, automated campaigns

Call out its integration with Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Advertising Studio and more to hit customers at every touchpoint

Explain how journeys can be triggered based on actions to deliver timely, relevant messaging

Reassurance of Xylity's tailored deployment and ongoing managed services

A Seamless Journey to Success

Leveraging over a decade of experience successfully deploying Marketing Cloud globally, Xylity’s implementation methodology ensures you maximize ROI from day one:


Our experts evaluate your current infrastructure, processes and goals to tailor a blueprint for transformation. We identify quick wins and build a long-term roadmap.


Together, we craft a detailed project plan outlining milestones, interdependent tasks, resource requirements and go-live strategy. Nothing is overlooked to ensure a frictionless transition.


Our certified developers architect the integrated system based on your blueprint. Campaign recipes, data models, security protocols and engagement automations are configured with flexibility and scale in mind.


We import all your valuable first-party data using our proprietary migration tools, minimizing disruption and eliminating errors. Both structured and unstructured data is seamlessly onboarded.


Marketing Cloud is integrated securely with your other enterprise systems using APIs and connectors. Tight synergy maximizes data sharing between systems for unified experiences.


Our rigorous process validates all functionality, edge cases and system performance before launch. Customized test plans provide thorough quality control.


You receive personalized training from our certified instructors via live sessions. Reference materials including quick guides and how-to videos allow self-sufficiency post-go-live.


Even after go-live, we maintain responsibility of your instillation through our managed services. Upgrade assistance, optimizations, issue remediation and 24/7 support ensure continuous success.


Robust security protocols including encryption, access controls and monitoring protect your data and campaigns. Regular reviews identify vulnerabilities to prevent breaches.

Achieve Greatness Together

Since partnering with Xylity Technologies one year ago, a leading manufacturing company has seen:

Pipeline velocity increased 35% through more qualified leads generated weekly

Sales acceptance rate lifted 25% from improved personalized outreach campaigns

Renewal sales grew 20% year-over-year by streamlining the renewal process

Open rates on product updates emails jumped to 29% from a previous 19% average

Annual revenue from cross-sell/upsell efforts exceeded $3M target through targeted programs

Cost per lead lowered 15% by optimizing lead routing and assignment

Together, through integration of data and systems, exceptional scale is now achievable.

We Will Make It Happen

Xylity Technologies is a global digital transformation leader, with 18+ years of experience successfully implementing enterprise marketing and sales technologies.

We are a top-ranked Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner with 1000+ successful projects completed for clients worldwide.

Our team of 300+ professionals holds 3000+ certifications including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Service Cloud and others.

As a 100% Salesforce partner, our deep product expertise streamlines deployments to maximize ROI for clients.

A dedicated team will guide you through our proven process from assessment to optimization, unlocking rapid business results.

Partner with the experts to effortlessly realize breakthrough performance through integrated digital solutions.

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