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Benefits of PowerApps with Xylity

With simple tools, dedicated support, and AI-driven automation, Xylity Technologies empowers smarter workflows. Our PowerApps services serve the unique needs of modern enterprises.

  • Faster App Development
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Intuitive Low-Code Platform
  • Continuous Optimization

PowerApps Consulting for Every Step of Your Journey

Xylity Technologies’ suite of PowerApps services is designed to support you at every stage – whether you

Want to get started on your own

Want to get guidance from experts.

Are exploring solutions

Plan to drive large-scale transformation

Xylity Technologies offers full lifecycle Power Apps services

Quick Tour of Our Offerings

Powerapps consulting services

Our certified consultants become your trusted advisors, providing:

  • Advisory and strategy for maximum ROI
  • Assessment of business needs
  • Roadmap creation and planning
  • Change management
Powerapps development services

Our developers build sophisticated solutions tailored to your needs:

  • Custom canvas and model-driven apps
  • Intuitive interfaces and workflows
  • Responsive web and mobile apps
  • Components and connectors
  • Bots and advanced AI
Power platform consulting services

We ensure full integration across the Power Platform including:

  • Power BI for unified data analytics
  • Power Automate for workflow automation
  • Power Virtual Agents for conversational AI
Ongoing powerapps services

Our managed services provide continuous improvements:

  • Troubleshooting and 24/7 support
  • Updates, maintenance, and upgrades
  • Solution enhancements
  • User adoption programs
  • Innovation workshops


Faster, Smarter Workflows With PowerApps

PowerApps provides a low-code platform to build custom business apps fast. With drag-and-drop simplicity, you can:
πŸ‘‰ Automate manual workflows
πŸ‘‰ Create responsive web and mobile apps
πŸ‘‰ Integrate data from multiple sources
πŸ‘‰ Embed AI and robotic process automation
πŸ‘‰ Collaborate across teams

With PowerApps, Digitizing processes through automation enables:
βœ… Faster turnaround on tasks
βœ… Fewer errors and higher quality
βœ… Improved customer and employee experiences
βœ… Greater consistency across regions
βœ… Superior scalability as business grows

By rapidly developing cross-platform apps and automating workflows, PowerApps transforms businesses to be leaner, more efficient, and data-driven.

The low-code advantage means implementing sophisticated solutions faster, with less reliance on IT resources. The time and cost savings quickly add up.

The future is digital. Our PowerApps consulting powers you there today.

Build Smart Apps Faster Than Ever Before

The Complete Suite of PowerApps Capabilities

Xylity Technologies offers full-spectrum PowerApps services to create sophisticated solutions tailored to your needs:

Consulting Services

Our experts provide strategic guidance for planning, rollout, governance, and maximizing PowerApps ROI. We analyze your processes and infrastructure to develop a customized roadmap.


We specialize in seamless integration, connecting 100+ data sources such as:

  • Databases
  • APIs
  • Adobe, Salesforce, Dynamics
  • ERPs like SAP, Oracle
  • Excel, Sharepoint
Managed Services

Our ongoing management includes maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrades, and improvements to ensure your apps deliver continuous value.

With end-to-end expertise, Xylity Technologies empowers you to realize the full potential of PowerApps for automation and innovation.

Transform your business – the app is just the start!

Automate Manual Workflows Company-Wide

PowerApps: Your Digital Transformation Engine

PowerApps accelerates digital modernization for organizations in every industry:

  • Patient self-service portals
  • Automated claims processing
  • AI-assisted diagnostics
Financial Services
  • Streamlined loan processing
  • Personalized customer service apps
  • Predictive analytics for growth
  • Shop floor automation
  • Inventory and supply chain apps
  • Productivity bots for tasks
  • In-store associate apps
  • Custom ecommerce portals
  • Personalized promotions
  • Intelligent customer service
  • Field workforce automation
  • Predictive maintenance apps

With PowerApps, you can:

  • Improve customer and employee experiences
  • Create new digital products and revenue streams
  • Optimize operations and reduce costs
  • Make data-driven decisions in real time
  • Respond quickly to market changes
  • Scale innovations across regions

To remain competitive, digitally-enabled agility and intelligence are imperative. PowerApps makes enterprise-grade automation accessible for organizations of all sizes – unlocking huge potential with low-code simplicity.

Transform systems and mindsets for the future with PowerApps!

Strategic PowerApps Consulting That Drives Real Outcomes

Our PowerApps consulting methodology is built on decades of experience driving adoption and ROI for clients:


We analyze your infrastructure, processes, and objectives to uncover automation opportunities.


Our strategic roadmaps outline staged solutions to maximize business impact.


Our agile process translates plans into enterprise-grade apps tailored to your needs.


We refine apps and processes for peak performance through iterative feedback.


Our change management playbooks drive widespread user adoption across your organization.


We continuously identify new automation scenarios and improvements for transformative value.

Through this full lifecycle partnership, we enable:
βœ… Increased productivity and cost savings
βœ… Reduced errors and rework
βœ… Superior customer and employee experiences
βœ… Seamless integrations with data and systems
βœ… Smooth adoption and sustained utilization

Our PowerApps consulting services transcend technology to deliver ongoing business outcomes. We become your trusted partner in digital transformation.

Let's start mapping your automation journey today!

Custom PowerApps That Streamline Your Workflows

Our expert developers build sophisticated PowerApps solutions tailored to your unique requirements:


We create responsive web and mobile apps with intuitive interfaces to digitize manual processes.


Our reusable components accelerate development and maintain consistency.


We integrate intelligent chatbots to automate conversations and tasks.


We automate business processes linking apps with triggers and logical flows.

Our development process includes:


Deep dive into your needs and objectives.


Create wireframes and prototypes aligned to use cases.


Iteratively build enterprise-grade, scalable solutions.


Continuously improve apps by gathering user feedback.

Our developers stay ahead of the latest PowerApps capabilities to incorporate cutting-edge functionality like:
API and DB connectors
Advanced data modeling
AI and machine learning
Offline support
Robust security

We build the custom PowerApps your business needs – exactly the way you need them. Let our experts streamline your workflows!

Cut Costs Through Intelligent Automation

Seamless Data Connectivity For Your Entire Stack

Data integration is at the core of our PowerApps expertise. We connect virtually any data source to fuel your apps and workflows:

SQL Databases
  • On-prem SQL Server
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Amazon RDS
NoSQL Databases
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
SaaS Apps
  • Office 365
  • Salesforce
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
ERP Systems
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • NetSuite
CRM Platforms
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Zoho CRM
  • HubSpot
Marketing Tools
  • Marketo
  • Eloqua
  • Mailchimp
Productivity Software
  • Excel, SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • Project Online
Custom Systems
  • SOAP Web Services

Legacy Platforms

  • Mainframes
  • AS/400
  • Flat files

Our certified Microsoft Power Platform experts have hands-on experience building robust, secure integrations across 100+ sources – on-premises, cloud-based, and custom.

With real-time connectors and optimized dataflows, we provide the seamless connectivity and unified data foundation essential for PowerApps success.

Let us automate access to your most vital information!

Ongoing Management For Peak PowerApps Performance

The launch of your PowerApps solution is just the beginning. Without ongoing governance and enhancement, the value diminishes over time as processes and data change.

Our expert managed services enable continuous improvement after deployment:

  1. Dedicated Support – Direct access to Power Platform certified specialists for incident resolution and how-to guidance.
  2. Fixes – Rapid diagnosis and fixes for any stability or performance issues.
  3. Monitoring – Proactive monitoring to catch problems before users are impacted.
  4. Upgrades – Smooth upgrades to latest versions and new functionality.
  5. Security – Regular reviews and tightening of data and access protections.
  6. Enhancements – New connectors, visuals, components, and automation based on evolving needs.
  7. Training – Ongoing education for administrators and users as capabilities expand.
  8. Analytics – Usage metrics and ROI tracking to showcase Power Apps value.
  9. Documentation – Comprehensive documentation of configurations, data schema and SOPs.
  10. Innovation – Ideation workshops to identify new automation opportunities.

With continuous expert oversight, your PowerApps solution maintains peak stability, security and performance – enabling widespread adoption and maximum ROI.

Let our specialist team become your trusted Power Apps partner for the long run!

The PowerApps Partner That Delivers Real Business Outcomes

With over a decade of Power Platform expertise, 500+ projects delivered, and 1000+ happy customers, Xylity Technologies is the trusted choice for enterprise PowerApps success.

Our strengths:

Tailored Solutions

We customize apps and data integrations for your specific environment and objectives. No cookie-cutter software packages.

Agile Delivery

Our iterative approach translates plans into reality rapidly with continuous client feedback.

Top Talent

Our team blends business analysis, technical development, and change management expertise.

Trusted Partnership

We become your advisors in maximizing PowerApps ROI over multi-year engagements.

Global Delivery

Our proven onshore-offshore model gives you the best talent with cost efficiency.

Bulletproof Security

Bank-grade data protection, redundancy, and disaster recovery across infrastructure.

Industry Recognition

Certified Microsoft Gold Partner, App Developer of the Year, Customer Satisfaction Leader.

When you partner with Xylity Technologies, you get more than just world-class Power Apps solutions. You gain an ally focused on your success – now and in the future.

Schedule a free consultation to experience the Xylity Technologies difference firsthand!

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