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The Power of BI Dashboards

Identify trends

Monitor KPIs

Uncover risks

Improve forecasts

Enhance efficiency

What You Get from Power BI Dashboards

Power BI dashboards make understanding your company data easy. Anyone can use them to:

  • See the most important numbers for your business quickly
  • Know if you are meeting targets like sales goals or revenue
  • Spot trends like website traffic growth
  • Make faster, better decisions with key data
  • Share insights across your team
  • Explore the data by clicking for more detail
  • Get real-time data that is always up to date
  • Create different views for different team members
  • Access dashboards on any device – phone, tablet, computer
  • Build and share dashboards yourself with no coding

Power BI dashboards help you use your company data to make better decisions. They display key numbers in a simple way anyone can understand.

See Key Data in One Place

Dashboards from Xylity allow you to display your company’s most important data all on one page.

You don’t have to search through multiple spreadsheets or reports. The dashboard puts the key numbers together in one view.

This makes it fast and easy to check the health of your business. You can glance at the dashboard and absorb the information.

For example, your dashboard can show:

  • Sales numbers across regions, products, and channels
  • Revenue and profit for the current month vs targets
  • Website or app visitors and engagement metrics
  • Open service tickets and customer satisfaction scores
  • Inventory levels by product and warehouse
  • Manufacturing line performance and quality metrics
  • HR data like new hires, turnover, and open requisitions

The data on your dashboard depends on your business needs. Xylity makes it easy to combine data from multiple sources into one unified view.

You can also merge data from your:

  • CRM and sales tools like Salesforce or Dynamics 365
  • ERP and accounting systems like SAP, Oracle, or NetSuite
  • Marketing platforms like Adobe Marketing Cloud, Pardot, or HubSpot
  • Help desk, support, and operations tools
  • Social media analytics and web traffic data
  • Custom developed apps, legacy systems, and Excel or CSV files

With all this data flowing into your dashboard, you get a single source of truth. No more guessing – just glance at the dashboard to understand your business.

Take a closer look at our Power BI Dashboard examples to see how they can make data analysis simple, efficient, and enjoyable.

Align Key Metrics to Strategic Objectives with Xylity

Power BI makes it easy to define KPIs for your most important business goals and track performance toward these targets. Interactive visualizations spotlight progress to date versus desired outcomes.

This creates accountability across your organization to move the needle on objectives.

With Xylity, your dashboard can feature:

Revenue trends over time indexed against monthly, quarterly, and annual targets. Charts make it easy to determine if you’re on track or falling behind goals.

Net Promoter Score or Customer Satisfaction Index compared to industry averages. Multi-dimensional analysis can reveal drivers of satisfaction.

Sales stage conversion percentages by lead source and account manager. Learn which channels and sales reps convert best.

Employee retention rates divided across tenure bands and departments. Spot risk areas for turnover.

Clicking into any visual allows on-the-fly filtering and drilling down into finer detail. Auditing who has accessed dashboards makes it easy to ensure visibility and drive accountability with relevant stakeholders

Tailor Dashboards to Each Role

Dashboards can be customized to each user’s specific needs and responsibilities:

  • Sales managers see team performance metrics
  • Inventory staff get warehouse supply levels
  • Executives view high-level company KPIs

Examples of Tailored Views:


Campaign pipeline, lead performance, event metrics


Opportunities by rep, forecast vs. quota, commissions


Customer satisfaction, ticket volume, wait times


Cash flow, AR/AP, P&L, budget variance


Output, quality, supply chain delays


Turnover, open jobs, enrollment in training

Benefits of Custom Views

  • Relevance drives user adoption and engagement
  • Employees get insights tailored to their role
  • Manage access and permissions appropriate to each user

Role-Based Dashboard Design

User Data View Metrics
Sales Rep My Performance Pipeline, Quota, Commissions
Marketing Manager Campaigns Leads, Opens, Conversions
Inventory Manager Supply Chain Stock Levels, Shelf Life, Waste

With Power BI, data is democratized through role-based dashboards. Employees get personalized access to insights that help them improve performance and make smarter decisions.

With Xylity, Visualize Data to Uncover Hidden Insights

Charts allow you to visualize key metrics over time, segmented by various business dimensions. One can immediately spot upward or downward trends, seasonal patterns, and anomalies.

For example, a line chart plotting weekly sales revenue makes it easy to see if you’re trending up or down. Adding filters for region, customer segment, or product category provides more nuanced trend analysis.

KPI cards can track week-over-week and year-over-year percentage changes. Instantly see if metrics are improving or declining.

Maps visualize data geography, like sales by region. Bubble size shows magnitude. Spot underperforming territories.

Scatter plots compare data points across two measures, like sales vs marketing spend. Determine correlations and outliers.

Tables can list top and bottom performers, like highest converting sales reps. Sort and filter to analyze what drives performance.

Funnels illustrate progression rates across stages, like website visitors to sales. Identify sticky points.

Gauge charts show progress toward goals as simple % fills. Know if you’re on track.

Hidden insights bubble up automatically – no more searching through massive spreadsheets. With Xylity, Power BI’s interactive dashboards make data meaningfully for your business.

A Solution for Your Entire Journey

Xylity’s suite of Power BI Dashboards is designed to accompany you at every stage of your data journey, whether you want to DIY or seek help from our experts.

Make Smarter Choices with Live Data

Leaders must make many choices each day. Some easy, some hard. Data helps you choose wisely. Without data, you guess. With old data, you go slow. Bad choices happen.

Power BI dashboards give you live data. The newest numbers, always up to date.

You see sales. You see customers. You see operations. All on one screen.

The data moves and changes during the day. You check the dashboards. You have the facts you need.

The future favors the quick. Power BI puts real-time data at your fingertips. So you can choose and move with confidence.

Democratize Data Across the Organization, Industry

Data is meant to be shared, not siloed. Yet often teams lack access to data from other departments, impeding enterprise-wide alignment.

Xylity, using Power BI dashboards, breaks down these barriers by allowing easy sharing of interactive visualizations across the organization. Everyone gets on the same page with a unified view of metrics.

For example, sales dashboards can display lead generation by marketing campaign, helping sales optimize prospecting. Marketing sees which products and segments drive revenue, aligning campaigns to best opportunities.

Service and support can analyze customer sentiment and emerging pain points. Product teams gain visibility to fix recurring issues. Customer satisfaction improves.

HR dashboards into performance metrics, staffing dynamics, and turnover risks help leaders prioritize talent initiatives. The entire organization benefits from empowered employees.

Manufacturing monitors supply chain analytics from procurement and logistics teams to avoid bottlenecks. Visibility leads to process improvements.

Let us automate access to your most vital information!

Custom Dashboards for Every Role

Power BI dashboards showcase data tailored to each employee’s role. Rather than information overload, users get views relevant to their job.

  1. For marketing, dashboards may show campaign pipeline performance, lead generation by source, and event ROI. Marketers can optimize spending and positioning.
  2. Sales teams analyze dashboards tracking opportunities by stage, sales projections, rep performance, and commission forecasts. They can fine-tune strategy to make quota.
  3. Service and support gain visibility into customer satisfaction scores, wait times, ticket backlogs, and recurring issue trends. They can improve operations and retention.
  4. Finance monitors dashboards with cash flow, profit and loss, receivables, budget variance, and audit compliance data. They safeguard the company’s financial health.
  5. For HR, dashboards might display new hire velocity, turnover risk, open requisitions, learning program engagement, and diversity metrics. HR can build a thriving workforce.
  6. In manufacturing, dashboards analyze production output, capacity utilization, quality control, supply chain delays, and inventory positions.Teams can optimize manufacturing processes end-to-end.
  7. Executives view high-level dashboards on profitability, market share, strategic priorities, and competitive landscape. They gain big-picture visibility to drive growth.

With tailored data views by role, every employee gets personal visibility to perform their job better. Relevance drives engagement, productivity, and innovation.

Static reporting only skims the surface. Our Interactive exploration dives below the surface to discover what matters.

Discover Deeper Insights Interactively

  • Click into visuals to filter, drill, and explore
  • Find root causes and nuances behind metrics
  • Understand the story behind the data

Interactivity empowers new discoveries from dashboards.

Click on a sales KPI to drill down into performance by:
Customer segment
Product line
Sales rep

Filter service ticket data by:

Analyze website analytics by:
Traffic source
Landing page

Self-service exploration means faster, deeper insights without dependencies.

Dashboard Interactivity Options

  • Filtering – Select specific data to analyze
  • Drilling – Move down to more detail or up to big picture
  • Cross-highlighting – See connections across visuals
  • Sorting – Rank top/bottom performers
  • Segmenting – Isolate subsets of data
  • Forecasting – Predict future patterns

With rich interactivity, Power BI dashboards become an analyst’s playground to develop intuitions and answer questions.

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Benefits for Your Business

Actionable insights served up:

  • Interactive visualizations reveal trends and patterns
  • KPI cards align metrics to business objectives
  • Anomaly detection surfaces problems early
  • Predictive analytics boost forecast accuracy
  • Automated workflows save time for strategic work

BI Dashboards Drive:

Business Impact Example
Better Decisions Drill into sales data to optimize marketing spend
Improved Efficiency Automate report distribution to relevant teams
Higher Productivity Sales reps analyze their performance vs. peers
Increased Revenue Spot high-churn customer segments to retain
Reduced Risk Inventory dashboards prevent stock-outs

With data-driven insights at your fingertips, you can transform team performance across the business. Power BI dashboards make your data work for you.

Why Xylity?

From intuitive tools to clear, understandable analytics, Xylity’s Power BI dashboards are designed to cater to the unique requirements of data-driven entrepreneurs and organizations.

Simplicity in Complexity

Our Power BI Dashboards are designed to ease your interpretation of complex datasets. They’re simple enough for a 5-year-old to understand!

Empowered Decision Making

With clear, visual representations of data, you can make informed decisions faster and with greater confidence. Feel the power of knowing.

Time-Saving Solutions

Free up your time for other important tasks. Our dashboards handle the heavy lifting of data analysis, leaving you more time for what really matters.

Expert Support

Our team of Power BI experts is always ready to assist you. You’re never alone in your data journey when you’re with Xylity.

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