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What is Power BI? And Its Benefits?

Tired of Flying Blind? How Power BI Finally Lets You See Clearly.

No more fruitless hunting for data locked away in silos. No more crawling through spreadsheets trying to make sense of a mess of numbers. No more flying blind unable to see threats, spot trends, or capitalize on opportunities.

With Power BI, you finally gain vision.

Crystal clear vision to:

Make decisions on real-time data, not month-old reports. Live dashboards give entire teams a single source of truth updated by the minute.

Catch hidden insights, not just surface trends. Interactive reports let you dive deep into data from new angles with custom visuals and filters.

Act rapidly, not react slowly. Ask questions in plain English and let AI generate answers in seconds delivered in compelling visuals.

Predict risks before they strike. Apply machine learning to uncover patterns, forecast outcomes, and simulate scenarios.

Collaborate seamlessly, not work in isolation. Annotate reports, share findings, and enable data-driven discussions.

The sharpest vision wins in this hypercompetitive world, t. Don’t let inadequate tools obstruct your view another day. And with our Power BI services, your data finally reveals the full picture so you can act faster and smarter.

The power to see – within your reach. Unlock it with Power BI.

The 5 Critical Benefits That Make Power BI a Must-Have

Power BI turbocharges your decision-making by enabling:

Real-Time Dashboards

Get live data visualizations to monitor performance and respond rapidly.

Interactive Visualizations

Explore different perspectives with customized charts and graphs.

Mobile Access

Stay data-driven on-the-go with mobile apps to check reports remotely.


Annotate, discuss insights, and share data seamlessly across teams.

Robust Data Connectivity

Unify data from countless sources for a single source of truth.

With Power BI, you don’t just see data, you achieve insight. And with insight comes the power to direct strategy, delight customers, optimize operations, and defeat competitors.

How Xylity Unlocks The Above Power BI Benefits for Your Business

Real-Time Dashboards

Xylity helps identify and connect to real-time data sources like IoT sensors, web traffic, social media feeds etc. Our developers build custom data pipelines to feed live dashboards. Role-based access ensures visibility of only relevant metrics. We optimize performance for sub-second updates even on large datasets.

Interactive Visualizations

Our Power BI services go beyond drag-and-drop charts to tailor engaging visuals matching your workflow – from shop floor KPIs to executive sales funnels. We leverage DAX to enable interactive slicing and dicing of data. Our design thinking approach uncovers questions your visuals should answer. We enrich core reports with AI visualizations like forecast charts, outlier detections and sentiment analyzers.

Mobile Access

With expertise across the Power platform, we build mobile apps with embedded Power BI reports for data access on the move. Offline data, optimized layouts and restricted interactivity enable robust mobile experiences. We implement BI mobile security best practices related to access, data caching, timeouts and audits.


Xylity configures secure access at group and individual level while integrating Power BI with Office 365 for permissions alignment. We enable features like annotations, subscriptions, commenting for insights sharing. Our BI change management helps drive user adoption across teams. We coach business users to become truly collaborative data explorers.

Robust Data Connectivity

Our certified Power BI developers have delivered solutions integrating data from 100+ source systems using ETL/ELT patterns and data modeling best practices. We are up-to-date on Power Query formulas, dataflows, templates and CDM metadata modeling. Our team secures and transforms data while optimizing load times, data volumes and refresh schedules for peak Power BI performance.

With decades of collective BI expertise, Xylity unlocks the full promise of Power BI for you. Our solutions not just leverage Power BI’s functionality but maximize business value from every feature.
Partner with us to transform scattered data into powerful unified insights.

Our Power BI Services

Power BI Development

We build customized solutions designed around your unique requirements. Our developers have experience creating advanced reports, dashboards, models, ETL processes, and visualizations that bring your data to life.

Salesforce App Development

Data Integration

We specialize in seamlessly connecting data from any source into Power BI. No matter where your data resides, we can integrate it for unified analysis. Real-time connections keep your dashboards dynamic.

Ongoing Support

Even after deployment, our work continues. We provide maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrades, and enhancements to ensure your solution keeps delivering value. Rely on us for continuous optimization.

See our Work in Action

We’ve created multiple insightful dashboards for clients across industries. Examples include sales analytics, supply chain reporting, digital marketing metrics, and more. Discover how our experts can design custom, interactive dashboards to meet your unique business intelligence needs.

Why Xylity As Your Power BI Partner

Our team of PMP and CBAP certified consultants become your trusted advisors, providing end-to-end guidance for your Power BI implementation. We start by thoroughly evaluating your business needs, existing data infrastructure, and long-term goals.

Leveraging proven agile methodologies, we develop a strategic roadmap focused on driving maximum ROI from Power BI. Our experts advise on architecture, data security, integration, change management, and rollout planning based on leading industry best practices.

During implementation, we provide training and support to boost user adoption. Post deployment, we continue monitoring KPIs and refine Power BI for peak performance. With decades of collective experience, our consultants unlock the full potential of Power BI for your organization.

Power BI Development

Our developers design and build customized Power BI solutions to meet your unique requirements. With expertise across the full Microsoft stack, we create advanced reports, dashboards, data models, ETL processes, and visualizations that bring your data to life.
Our team is proficient in connecting to data sources like SQL Server, Azure, Dynamics 365, and hundreds of SaaS apps. We process big data at scale leveraging DAX and M code. The visualizations we design provide actionable insights tailored to different user personas and roles.

From prototyping and proof-of-concepts to production deployment, our development services deliver solutions that maximize the value of your Power BI investment.
Get Custom-Built Solutions

Power BI Report Development

Our expert report developers design stunning, interactive reports that bring your data to life.

We focus on maximizing ease of use and actionable insights tailored to different user personas.

With deep expertise across DAX and M code, our developers create advanced report visualizations including KPIs, metrics, trends, forecasts, and more. We connect all your data sources for unified reporting.

From layouts optimized for desktop vs. mobile to responsive visualizations, our reports look beautiful and perform flawlessly on every device. We ensure quick load times even with large datasets. With best-in-class Power BI report development, we transform raw data into powerful narratives.

Power BI Embedded

Our developers can embed fully interactive Power BI reports within your custom applications or portals for secure data access. Power BI Embedded allows external user viewing without purchasing licenses.

We handle authorization to control access. Usage is metered for cost efficiency. The embedded reports we create allow users to drill down, filter, sort, and analyze data within your apps.

With Power BI Embedded, your teams can securely monitor key metrics and get actionable insights without leaving your line-of-business tools. We enable data-driven decision making anywhere.

Power BI Report Server

We offer full-stack expertise in on-premises Power BI Report Server implementation. This allows organizations to host reports on private servers instead of the cloud.

Our consultants advise on server sizing, networking, security, and maintenance for optimal performance. Our developers create Power BI paginated reports optimized for the Report Server.

With Power BI Report Server, you remain in full control over data and access. We help you benefit from Power BI capabilities while keeping reports within your firewall.

The Data-Driven Results We Deliver

Our Power BI expertise has helped leading organizations across every industry transform data into tangible business value. The solutions we deliver provide ongoing, measurable results like:

  • 40% increase in sales via new opportunities
  • 300% faster reporting speed for quicker insights
  • 70% decrease in report requests to IT departments
  • 40% reduction in administration costs
  • 8% lower inventory holding costs
  • 50% faster month-end close times

These represent just a sample of the quantified achievements our clients have accomplished with Power BI. We strategically apply every capability – from interactive reports to advanced analytics – to move key metrics in the right direction.

Stop Wasting Time Gathering Data

Finance and operations spend over 50% of their time gathering data from spreadsheets, ERP systems or third-party systems.
— McKinsey & Company

Manual data collection wastes massive amounts of time and introduces errors. But Power BI eliminates these problems by connecting directly to data sources for automated insights.

With Power BI, time otherwise squandered on gathering scattered data can now be spent on strategy, planning, and execution. Our solutions help you analyze trends, monitor KPIs, and model scenarios with always up-to-date information.

Regain all the hours lost compiling data and Excel reports. Our Power BI integration capabilities allow instant access to analytics so you can focus on high-impact work.

Serve Customers Better With our Power BI Approach

Power BI gives you the inside scoop on your customers.

No more flying blind. Now you’ve got up-to-the-second data. You know exactly what customers want.

That means no delays. You make the right moves in real time.

Power BI connects everything across your business. Everyone’s got the same numbers. The whole team moves fast.

Customer service levels up. You’ve got the info to respond to them instantly.
Finance models the future. They forecast smarter with live data.

Power BI transforms those old stale reports into realtime action.

Xylity tailor-fits your solution. We focus on your problems. You serve customers way better.

Unleash the raw power of data with Power BI. Transform your business at the flip of a switch.

Our BI Experts Guide You to Success

Any BI project needs a pro. Our BI pros have done it all. Years in the trenches. We get how to squeeze out every drop of value from BI. So lean on us. We lower your risk. Set you up to win.
Our BI vets coach your teams. Show them the BI ropes. Soon your crew makes decisions on realtime data. Numbers drive everything top to bottom. We make BI click for your people. They become data all-stars.

Transforming is not easy. But we have done it before. With our BI experts, you steer clear of pitfalls. Stay on track and crush your goals. Consider us your BI dream team.

Benefits of Our BI Services

Faster Adoption

BI is complex. We simplify it. We rapidly boost your teams’ BI skills. Quick time to value from Xylity’s Power BI services.

Lower Risk

Trial and error wastes resources. Our Power BI experts prevent pitfalls. We steer you clear of failures with Power BI solutions.

Competitive Advantage

BI takes practice. Our Power BI coaching accelerates learning. We tailor proven methods to your needs. You gain an analytics edge on competitors.

New Valuable Insights

Our Power BI consultants find insights others miss. We connect data to decisions across your business. Better choices follow from Power BI development.

Effective Change Management

Any new tech causes growing pains. We ease your Power BI transition. Ensuring smooth adoption at scale through expert Power BI consulting.

Maximize ROI

Skip development costs with our Power BI solutions. Enhanced by our experts. You maximize value from Power BI services day one.

Why You Need Xylity's Power BI Services?

Go Beyond Technology to Extract Real Value from Power BI

Implementing Power BI is just the first step. The real payoff comes from how you use it. This is where Xylity makes all the difference.

Our consultants don’t just deploy Power BI – we ensure you maximize its impact. We become your trusted advisors in amplifying Power BI’s value across your organization.

With Xylity, you get:

Strategic Alignment

We analyze your business objectives, data landscape, and processes. Our roadmaps strategically align Power BI to your real needs – not generic best practices.

Change Management

Smooth user adoption can make or break your Power BI investment. Our proven change management methodology and training drives lasting utilization.

Ongoing Optimization

We continuously monitor adoption, refine workflows, uncover new insights, and enhance reporting. You get sustained value from Power BI, not one-time results.

Scalable Delivery

Our integrated onshore-offshore model gives you the best of both worlds – localized experts plus scalable global talent. Our ISO-certified processes ensure quality at scale.

Technical Excellence

Our 1000+ Power BI projects have honed our technical expertise. As Microsoft Gold Partners, we offer depth across the entire Power Platform.

Don’t settle for basic enablement and expect greatness. With our expertise transforming Power BI into an engine of data-driven growth, you will achieve greatness.

The insights are waiting – Xylity holds the key.

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    Power BI Services FAQ

    What is Power BI Services?

    Power BI Services is a business analytics service based on the cloud, which is provided by Microsoft. It helps users to visualize and share insights from their organization’s data.

    How is Power BI Services different from Power BI Desktop?

    Power BI Services is a cloud-based platform where users can publish, share, and collaborate on Power BI reports and dashboards, whereas Power BI Desktop is a desktop application used to create reports and dashboards.

    What are the key features of Power BI Services?

    Some key features of Power BI Services involve:

    • Dashboard Sharing: Users can easily share their dashboards with others within or outside of the organization.
    • Data Refresh: Power BI Services allows users to schedule automatic data refreshes for their reports.

    Natural Language Query: Users can ask questions about their data using NLQ (natural language query) and get answers in the form of visualizations.

    How can I access Power BI Services?

    Users can opt for Power BI Services through a web browser at the Power BI website. Along with this, there are many Power BI mobile applications available for iOS, Android, as well as Windows devices.

    What are the data sources supported by Power BI Services?

    Power BI Services supports a wide range of data sources including Excel, SQL Server, Azure, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and more. Users can connect to these data sources to create reports and dashboards.

    Is Power BI Services secure?

    Yes, Power BI Services is completely secure as it provides robust security features to protect your data. You can benefit from role-based access control, data encryption, and compliance with industry standards such as GDPR and HIPAA.