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When Manual Processes Slow You Down

Processing orders by hand is time-intensive:

  • Employees spend hours locating files, entering data, and filing paperwork
  • Errors from manual tasks are costly and frustrate customers
  • Constant firefighting leaves no time for innovation
  • Late deliveries damage your company reputation

Does this sound all too familiar?

A New Way to Work

Process automation makes repetitive tasks more efficient through digital tools. Smart software and “virtual workers” safely handle high-volume, routine jobs with perfect accuracy every time.
The main benefits include:

  • Bots work around the clock without breaks, so you gain hours each day
  • Automation ensures consistency and eliminates costly mistakes
  • Detailed analytics provide real-time insights into operations
  • Costs decrease as staff focus on strategic roles instead of grunt work
  • Customers and employees both appreciate streamlined experiences

By taking boring, manual subtasks off employees’ plates, process automation optimizes workflows behind the scenes. People spend time on creative problem-solving while bots handle mechanical duties. Sync operations across departments seamlessly.

Automation connects systems and shares data to facilitate collaboration. Consistency and visibility strengthens every part of your business.

Reaping the Ongoing Rewards of Automation

Process automation continues delivering value long after implementation. It creates new efficiencies to reduce costs while also fueling business growth.

Deeper Operational Insights

With bots generating terabytes of data from structured tasks, organizations unlock a goldmine of intelligence. Metrics provide real-time visibility into workflow performance. Key performance indicators reveal bottlenecks or waste for enhancement. Customer journeys expose optimization opportunities. Automation gives leadership predictive analytics to make evidence-based decisions. Problems solve before impacting the bottom line.

Empowered & Engaged Employees

Streamlining routines through automation restores hundreds of productive hours to employees each month. Freed from manual work, teams refocus on strategic innovation. Knowledge workers tackle compelling challenges that utilize unique skills. Workloads adjust dynamically based on demand. Automation cultivates an inspiring culture where talent chooses to stay. Employee productivity and satisfaction soar.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Consistency rules automated interactions for seamless engagement. Customers receive immediate, tailored service whenever needed. Satisfaction rises along with retention as frustration vanishes. Positive reviews boost your brand reputation. Customer lifetime value increases as loyalty grows over years of flawless experiences.

New Revenue Potential

Now pursuing projects previously too complex, teams incubate offerings like personalized products or services. Dynamism underpins diversification. Automation lays the groundwork for expanding markets. Additional services cement your advantage as competitors struggle to keep pace. Alternative income streams emerge from optimized operations.

Powerful Automation Solutions at Work

Xylity’s holistic portfolio delivers process innovation through four core technologies:

Decisions Made Simple

Our Decision-making software analyzes workflows to surface frequent choices. Al-based rules encode expertise to ensure consistent, compliant resolutions. Complex scenarios receive rapid responses.

All Work, No Workers

Robotic Process Automation mimics human actions to handle high-volume, repetitive tasks. Intelligent digital workers extract data from any source, then input into various systems. Bots streamline operations end-to-end.

Inside Intelligence

Process Mining uncovers inefficiencies by examining petabytes of process data. AI pinpoints stagnant workflows and automates ideal solutions. Predictive analytics help shape compelling new processes.

Flow Without Friction

Our Workflow software maps procedures collaboratively. Citizen Integrators assemble automated journeys of any complexity across departments. Built-in monitoring ensures resilience and drives continuous performance.

Beyond automation, Xylity supports evolution with:

  • Content Solutions for Understanding (can redirect to Consulting page)
  • Document Processing for Simplicity (can redirect to implementation page)

Leverage the entire Xylity process automation stack or components individually. Our adaptable technologies streamline any operation while empowering innovative solutions.

In The Right Hands For Automation

Process transformation requires a partner deeply experienced in workflow management and automation. For over a decade, Xylity has championed digital operations through personalized solutions.

Expertise Across Industries

Xylity serves clients across sectors, from manufacturing to retail to healthcare. Specialists understand your unique landscape and tailor support accordingly.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Advanced tools like RPA, analytics, content services and Watson AI power Xylity’s total automation ecosystem. Strategists enable optimized and resilient workflows with the right mix.

Proven Methodology

A collaborative five-phase approach including process mapping and mining, change management training, and post-implementation refinement, delivers targeted, sustainable results.

Continuous Improvement

To stay ahead of emerging technologies, 200+ automation authorities dedicate to expanding capabilities and knowledge. The Xylity team becomes an extension of yours.

Built for the Future

An intuitive cloud platform ensures accessibility from any device while dynamically scaling. Process resiliency protects against disruptions for dependable performance.

Powerful Capabilities for Ultimate Automation

Process Innovation at Xylity stems from multi-faceted technology that addresses the entire lifecycle.

Process Management & Orchestration

Map all workflows visually then monitor every stage from initiation to completion across silos. Dig into case data and exceptions to continuously improve operations.

Dynamic Case Management

Customizable solutions streamline unstructured work like incident response. Agents collaborate on complex assignments using minimal code while maintaining consistency.

Intelligent Resource Optimization

Ensure the right talent, skills and tools handle each duty. Automation balances assignments adaptively based on real-time insights into capacity and priorities.

Process Mining & Discovery

AI dissects petabytes of workflow data to pinpoint waste or bottlenecks. Outcomes provide the intelligence to develop predictive, resilient automated processes.

Knowledge Accessibility

Process documentation built into every automation protects against disruptions from staff changes. Teams execute duties uniformly with rapid understanding.

Platform Flexibility

Cloud-based automation facilitates frictionless integrations and data exchange. Customers benefit from scalable, accessible digital transformation capabilities.

Proven Success from Satisfied Customers

“Since partnering with Xylity, we’ve automated over 25 repetitive processes across our organization. These workflows now execute flawlessly with significant time savings. Customer satisfaction has increased along with our capacity for innovation.”

  • VP of Operations, Leading Manufacturing Firm

“Xylity mapped our order-to-cash cycle, then helped design an RPA solution to streamline hand-offs between teams. Our process went from taking 5 days on average to just 1. Productivity is up 30% while customer issues dropped by half.”

  • Director of Global Supply Chain, Medical Device Company

“What used to take 2 employees all day now occurs in just a few hours through a robotic workflow. We shifted those resources to strategic projects that increased annual revenue by 15% in just one year. The ROI from Xylity has been immense.”

  • CFO, Specialty Retailer

Automation success stories like these demonstrate how Xylity consistently exceeds client goals. Whether optimizing complexity or expediting tasks, engagements produce quantifiable results. Want the same for your business as well?

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