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Salesforce is the World's #1 CRM Platform For a Rason

It enables businesses to:

  • Automate cumbersome workflows to improve efficiency by up to 25%
  • Get a 360-degree view of customers for more personalized service
  • Generate valuable insights with built-in analytics and reporting
  • Increase sales rep productivity by up to 35%
  • Improve team collaboration with information sharing
  • Scale rapidly as your business grows

But all these benefits depend on how well Salesforce implementation is adopted across your teams. An imperfect implementation can negate all the advantages of this powerful platform.

Why Salesforce Implementation Matters

A perfectly executed Salesforce implementation has the power to profoundly transform your business. It goes beyond just adopting new software – it can overhaul entire workflows, processes, and teams.
Here are some of the biggest benefits our clients experience after we become their Salesforce implementation partner

Streamlined Operations
  • Automate repetitive manual tasks to save thousands of hours
  • Standardize processes company-wide for consistency
  • Reduce redundancies and errors through workflows
  • Accelerate onboarding and training with easily accessible SOPs
Improved Customer Service
  • Respond faster with complete customer history at fingertips
  • Deliver personalized service across channels
  • Resolve issues quicker with simplified case management
  • Empower agents with knowledge base and collaboration tools
Data-driven Decisions
  • Centralize data from across departments and sources
  • Gain actionable insights through advanced analytics
  • Identify trends through intuitive reports and forecasts
  • Predict outcomes through AI and machine learning
Increased Productivity
  • Eliminate productivity drag of switching between systems
  • Give agents and reps tools to work smarter and faster
  • Drive performance with gamification and incentive tracking
  • Access information seamlessly across desktop and mobile
Enhanced Collaboration
  • Break down silos and unify teams across locations
  • Facilitate seamless handoffs between departments
  • Promote knowledge sharing through chat feed
  • Coordinate project teams through calendar, file sharing etc.

The secret really lies in an expert Salesforce implementation consultant that tailors per your needs, you can transform employee and customer experiences while accelerating growth and innovation. That’s the Xylity difference.

Xylity’s Salesforce Implementation Impact

Here is what sets our salesforce implementation services apart

500+ successful Salesforce projects across industries

Average 4.8/5 customer satisfaction rating

Smooth data migration ensured with zero data loss

Ongoing enhancements and 24/7 support post go-live

Experience with all Salesforce products – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud etc.

Deep understanding of latest Salesforce features and versions

Agile implementation approach aligned to your business priorities

Proven change management for driving user adoption

We take the time to understand your specific workflows, processes, and objectives. Our solution architects then design a customized Salesforce implementation tailored to your needs.
With Xylity Technologies’ salesforce implementation services, you get the right solution AND peace of mind.

Let us analyze your workflows, identify problem areas, and showcase how Salesforce can help.

Our Salesforce implementation Process

Being an ideal salesforce implementation partner, we know the multi-step process that requires careful planning and execution. Based on our 500+ projects, here are the key activities involved:

Business Analysis
  • Conduct deep dive interviews with stakeholders across departments
  • Review current workflows, pain points, requirements
  • Assess processes involving customers, sales, services etc.
  • Define quantitative goals and success metrics
  • Create a blueprint aligning solutions to needs
  • Plan implementation timelines, resources, costs

We invest significant upfront time deeply understanding your business priorities before making any Salesforce recommendations. This sets the stage for an implementation that solves the right problems.

Configuration and Customization
  • Select optimal Salesforce editions and licenses for functionality needs
  • Assign roles and permission sets to employees
  • Customize objects, fields, record types, page layouts per workflow
  • Build Lightning pages and components for custom functions
  • Create formulas, validation rules, workflows, approval processes
  • Configure reports and dashboards tailored to business needs
  • Leverage AppExchange apps to extend platform capabilities

Our Salesforce implementation consultants will intricately configure standard Salesforce and craft customizations to match your environment using declarative tools and programmatic capabilities.

  • Identify complementary systems requiring Salesforce integration
  • Implement bi-directional sync and data sharing
  • Connect APIs to core business applications
  • Build pre-defined and custom connectors
  • Map interdependent workflows with Process Builder
  • Automate processes across integrated landscape

We will seamlessly connect Salesforce to your existing systems like ERP, eCommerce, Marketing and more for unified data and processes.

Data Migration
  • Profile quality of legacy data and cleanse if needed
  • Map data structures between old and new systems
  • Extract data from various source systems
  • Transform and validate data for accuracy
  • Migrate data to appropriate Salesforce objects

We aren’t just your salesforce implementation consultant, we are your partners. We will securely transfer your data to Salesforce seamlessly and painlessly using optimized tools and protocols.

Testing and Training
  • Set up comprehensive test cases covering all scenarios
  • Conduct user testing across roles, functions and devices
  • Fix configuration bugs and optimize system
  • Provide personalized training and support for each role
  • Create guides, cheat sheets, video tutorials for self-learning

We focus intently on equipping your users to drive adoption through extensive training and change management programs. That’s what you get from our salesforce implementation services

Go-Live and Support
  • Deploy fully configured solution into production
  • Provide 24/7 helpdesk support post go-live
  • Monitor usage trends and feedback
  • Implement minor enhancements and changes
  • Continuously optimize system as needs evolve

Our responsibilities don’t end at go-live. We work closely to ensure you achieve maximum value from Salesforce with ongoing optimizations.

Streamline operations. Delight customers. Enhance collaboration. Transform processes. Accelerate growth.

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Streamline operations. Delight customers. Enhance collaboration. Transform processes. Accelerate growth.

See what our clients have to say

Jane Smith, VP Sales, Acme Corp

Salesforce implementation with Xylity has been a gamechanger for our business. The consultants took the time to understand our complex sales processes and configured the CRM to match our workflows perfectly. We’ve seen a 37% increase in sales productivity since going live. The user adoption and training support was also excellent. I highly recommend Xylity for flawless Salesforce execution.

Sarah Patel, Head of IT, ClearView Systems

We struggled with our previous vendor and were apprehensive about choosing another Salesforce implementation partner for rebooting. But Xylity restored our faith completely. Their consultants’ professionalism, attention to detail, and hands-on approach resulted in a solution that has transformed our customer service operations. Our customer satisfaction rates have improved dramatically since switching to Xylity.

Transform your business with a tailored Salesforce solution

JOur expertise delivers simplified workflows, delighted customers, and analytics-driven decisions. Let’s discuss how customized Salesforce implementation by Xylity can accelerate your growth.

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    FAQ for Salesforce implementation

    What are the undeniable benefits of Salesforce implementation?

    The undeniable benefits of Salesforce implementation are listed below:

    • More automation in workflows that lead to improved efficiency
    • Obtaining a 360-degree view of customers to deliver them personalized services
    • Generating valuable insights with built-in analytics
    • Increase in sales and productivity
    • Improvement in team collaboration and communication
    • Better scalability with the business growth

    What is the role of Salesforce implementation?

    Salesforce implementation holds a crucial role in organizations as it can transform businesses by streamlining operations, improving customer service, enabling data-driven decisions, increasing productivity, and enhancing collaboration.

    Why are Xylity's Salesforce implementation services different from others?

    Xylity’s Salesforce implementation services are distinguished by:

    • 500+ successful Salesforce projects across different industries
    • Average 4.8/5 rating for customer satisfaction
    • Smooth data migration ensured with zero data loss
    • Ongoing enhancements along with 24/7 support post-go-live
    • Profound experience with all the Salesforce products
    • Deep understanding of the latest Salesforce features and versions
    • Agile implementation approach aligned to business priorities
    • Proven change management for driving user adoption

    What is the step-by-step approach of Xylity's Salesforce implementation?

    Xylity’s Salesforce implementation process involves:

    • Business Analysis
    • Configuration and Customization
    • Integration
    • Data Migration
    • Testing and Training
    • Go-Live and Support

    How can I get in touch with Xylity for Salesforce implementation services?

    You can get in touch with Xylity by visiting their website and booking a consultation.