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Xylity has been digitally transforming businesses globally for more than 12 years. With exceptional salesforce customer satisfaction, Xylity allows organizations to automate processes, set employee goals, share data with employees, and save time and expenditures. A correctly implemented salesforce solution will enable businesses to improve productivity and manage the sales pipeline. For companies struggling with lead generation, issues in internal processes, and automation, Xylity is here to solve all of these issues.

Key Challenges Organizations Face

  • Many organizations struggle with improper understanding and analysis of sales data. They face issues in tracking customer concerns, spotting trends in sales data, and building effective communication with customers.
  • Organizations face issues while closing opportunities, documenting statuses, and managing activities.
  • Organizations struggle to set up forecasting, track progress, and expand the community for collaboration, chatter, and file management.

Our Solution To All Your Problems

  • Xylity ensures building momentum by boosting sales teams’ performance and experiencing more sales growth.
  • Xylity builds strategies that allow businesses to build better reports and track dashboards to collect the right information that leads to better decision-making.
  • Xylity learns about the target audience, constructs points of view based on user needs, brainstorms creative solutions, and builds and tests its ideas.

What We Do

  • Xylity is a team of certified consultations with rich implementation experience. The talented team helps businesses leverage various salesforce products to maximize their ROI.
  • Xylity offers an optimized methodology and extensive integration experience, making it a leading salesforce consulting service provider.
  • Xylity helps automate business processes like ERP, HR, accounts, and finance via salesforce chatbots. Xylity knows how to ensure customers obtain the most they can from salesforce.
  • The team of talented salesforce consultants, developers, and administrators interacts with their clients to understand their challenges and goals. Xylity further tailors feasible plans meant to target the organization’s specific requirements.

Our Engagement Models

Every issue should have a special solution, and we work hard to give our clients that “Innovative” solution so they can succeed in the market.

At Xylity, we offer a variety of engagement models that are developed in accordance with industry standards. These have been developed through our years of experience providing Salesforce services to the market, ensuring high performance, exceptional efficiency, and quality performance.

Fixed Bid

This is based on an accurate estimation of the tasks that need to be completed. Included in the offering is a distinctly defined customer requirement to avoid any mid project hiccups. Prior to the beginning of the project, a budget is established to ensure transparency.

Dedicated Resource

Get dedicated resources that collaborate with the developers working in-house. Team of resources possessing the necessary level of expertise to help you deliver a high quality of work. In addition, you get a model based on a monthly retainer fee that will be used to deploy the resources.

Time & Material

When the time and resources required for a project cannot be accurately estimated at the outset, this approach is utilized. Our Time and Material model is just what you will need for a project with a scope that is always expanding and requirements that are always being updated. You get an invoice at the end of each month that is calculated based on the number of hours or efforts that were reported during that month.

Utilize Various Salesforce Solutions To Tackle Operational Risks And Achieve Efficiency

Our Offerings

Managed services
ylity is a managed service provider and outsources salesforce-related work for various processes and functions to allow businesses to operate more efficiently and securely.
Strategic consulting
Xylity supports, maintains, and upgrades business process automation. It also plays an integral role in POC & Demo and mapping using salesforce.
Force.com Development
From business application development to AppExchange application, Xylity brings more sales, higher revenue, and increased productivity for the business. In addition, these services provide more insights for decision-making and better forecasting.
The muleSoft Integration offered by Xylity helps offer connected experiences to the customers and automate processes. ERP integration, Social Media Integration, and other LOP application integration develop an integration strategy based on the demands of the analysis, further defining the steps and executing them. Xylity allows companies to tackle technical challenges that may slow digital transformation.
Implementation using sales and services cloud
Sales cloud accelerates productivity, improves campaign management, enhances pipeline management, and helps prediction. Service cloud saves time, streamlines processes, and automates service processes. Lastly, marketing cloud and CPQ implementation simplifies customer-self management and helps target messages to specific customer groups.

What Can You Expect From Us?

  • Xylity conducts daily or weekly serum meetings via Zoom or MS Teams to understand the business’s specific goals. Xylity digs into the company’s primary goals and creates an implementation and project plan that best suits the business requirements.
  • Monthly review meetings and escalation points, which include reporting to the manager and business wing head, help carry out plans that can be customized and personalized as per demands.
  • With several salesforce projects completed over the past 12 years, Xylity is the perfect companion to help businesses make the big move despite the circumstances.
  • Xylity is well-versed in all development aspects of salesforce and develops agile models that reduce the overall expenditure incurred.

Our Development Methodologies


Where do our solutions work?

  • Xylity offers solutions primarily to businesses addressing their most pressing business problems. The strategies provided by Xylity mitigate cost and quality risks by offering user training and support.
  • Xylity offers solutions that help salesforce CRM integration, modify existing Apex and create Apex triggers.
  • Services like strategy development and management facilitate the uninterrupted flow of information from the cloud to premise platforms.

Why Xylity?

Xylity offers a wide range of stellar services, including salesforce consulting, implementation, integration, and staff augmentation. Partnering with Xylity, an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified organization helps prevent issues before they affect business operations. After understanding the pain points outlined by the businesses, Xylity creates a transformational path to ensure safety, develop collaborative engagement and meet organizational compliance. The various comprehensive integration services offered by Xylity help identify and meet business requirements.

Industries We Are Helping

Retail and eCommerce

Case studies

Retail and CPG
The client demanded the creation of a frictionless communication tool and a single view of information across business units that could streamline and measure sales. Xylity understood the requirements and used the agile approach of remediation of the existing salesforce platform and creation of the retain CRM solution to simplify repetitive tasks, support business continuity planning and manage data.
The client’s primary requirement was to manage and streamline their product’s discounting process and configure product bundles based on a defined structure. Xylity implemented complete quote-to-cash functionality through salesforce CPQ, worked on product configurations, and offered discount schedules and markup price workflows.
The client, a significant player in the solar energy sector, struggled with final manual quotes, improper tracking of approvals, and loss of revenue. Xylity understood the current processes and focussed on billing license and salesforce CPQ as the most reliable solutions for the client. Xylity successfully configured the CPQ package, updated the page layout, and created a quote template for the client. The quote template contains the essential information stored, including several products, line items, etc.

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