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Insurance Analytics

Your Data Compass

Navigate uncertainty. Manage risk proactively. Deliver hyper-personalization. Discover transformative insights to guide your insurance business.

Xylity harnesses leading-edge BI and analytics to convert raw data into your North Star metrics. As trusted navigators, we architect flexible pipelines to integrate, govern, and refine data for cloud-scale analytics.

Sophisticated AI and ML models sharpen actuarial precision while real-time visualization illuminates the way forward. By unifying a 360-degree customer view, pinpoint risks before claims are filed.

Let our cloud analytics chart your course to become an insights-driven disruptor ready to brave future data currents and captain new opportunities.

Transform. Innovate. Accelerate.

Overwhelmed by the Data Deluge?

Is your insurance company struggling to stay afloat amidst a flood of structured and unstructured data? Legacy on-premise systems can’t keep pace with astronomical data scale. As volume, variety, and velocity swell, these rigid platforms strain and crack under mounting pressure.

Xylity provides the life raft to migrate your core data assets to the virtually limitless capacity of the cloud. By moving key data platforms to Microsoft Azure, insurers can safely ride accelerating data currents.

Cloud migration empowers insurers to
  • Ingest surging data flows using scalable Azure storage
  • Run complex analytics at cloud speed to unlock real-time insights
  • Spin up new analytics capabilities in minutes with cloud agility
  • Tame torrential data volumes using Azure’s limitless scale
Xylity serves as your flood insurance, architecting a smooth cloud transition
  • Assess current on-premise infrastructure and requirements
  • Design a robust cloud data architecture on Azure
  • Extract, transform, and load data into Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Implement Azure Data Factory for orchestration
  • Build advanced analytics with Azure AI and machine learning
  • Deliver dynamic BI visualizations through Power BI

With Xylity, insurers can harness data like never before, detecting risks proactively, delivering hyper-personalized customer experiences, and driving operational excellence.
Let us provide your life raft to weather the data deluge. With Xylity, Azure’s limitless scale makes the data tsunami feel like smooth sailing.

Is Your On-Premise Environment Scaled for the Future?

If your insurance data warehouse groans under mounting data volume, it may be time to break camp from on-premise limitations. Rigid legacy infrastructure can’t keep pace with your expanding analytics needs.

Xylity is your expert guide for this journey to the cloud. We’ll start by fully profiling your current analytics environment:

  • VConduct assessments to identify limitations
  • Map out complex system integrations
  • Pinpoint performance bottlenecks
  • Formulate strategies to migrate core data platforms to the cloud

Equipped with this plan, we’ll help you leave outdated systems behind so you can reach new heights.
Typical on-premise environments we upgrade include:

  • SQL Server for the data warehouse
  • ETL tools like Informatica for data integration
  • Line-of-business systems for core insurance data
  • Visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI

With Xylity as your guide, you’ll break free of on-premise constraints on your analytics capabilities. We’ll establish a flexible cloud base camp tuned for scale and real-time insights.
break camp. onward upward. conquer the climb

Charting the Optimal Cloud Course

Migrating core data platforms to the cloud involves meticulous planning and flawless execution. As your expert navigator, Xylity’s seasoned team undertakes a rigorous process to architect your ideal cloud environment.

The journey starts by fully profiling your existing data landscape. We identify opportunities and chart the optimal path forward:

  • Comprehensive requirements gathering and data assessment
  • Deep analysis of integration touchpoints
  • Cloud platform evaluation and selection
  • High-level architecture blueprint

With the guiding principles established, we undertake the migration:

  • Extract data from on-premise systems like SQL Server
  • Load historical data into Azure storage platforms like Data Lake
  • Construct Azure Synapse Analytics data warehouse
  • Implement Azure Data Factory for orchestration
  • Model data in Azure Analysis Services for reporting
  • Build Power BI reports and dashboards

Along the way, we configure robust security, access controls, and data governance.
With Xylity as your copilot, you can trust your precious data assets are in safe hands. Our meticulous approach ensures a smooth flight to the cloud.

Careful preparation is the key to any successful cloud migration. Let Xylity provide the meticulous planning and flawless execution needed to securely transition your data to the cloud. With our seasoned experts at the helm, you can relax knowing even the most complex migration will be smooth sailing. Your data’s safe passage is our top priority.

Bring Order from Chaos

Like an oyster transforming grit into a pearl, Xylity specializes in crystallizing order from the chaos of raw, messy data.

Through rigorous data preparation, we shape scattered data fragments into structured information assets. Our process includes:

  • Comprehensive data profiling and quality checks
  • Relationship mapping to stitch together disparate data
  • Advanced transformation with Spark and Azure Databricks
  • Flexible data vault modeling tactics
  • Loading refined data into Azure Synapse

With meticulous cleansing and refinement, we primp messy data until it’s presentation-ready for analysis. The outcomes are transcendent:

  • 360-degree customer views from integrated data
  • Trusted data foundation enabling complex analytics
  • Flexible models allowing real-time updates and expansion
  • Optimized data stores for high-performance analysis

Leave no data behind. Extract value from every bit with Xylity’s expert refinement techniques. We shape scattered fragments into precious data pearls poised to illuminate game-changing insights.

Messy raw data only reveals its value when expertly refined and transformed. Let Xylity help you through meticulous cleansing and structuring.

Establish an Impenetrable Data Fortress

Robust security is the foundation for impactful analytics. Xylity employs defense-in-depth strategies to fully safeguard your data from unauthorized access and abuse:

Security Layer Key Measures

User Access Control – Azure Active Directory for secure sign-on

  • Granular row-level security
  • Isolate sensitive data
  • Build access roles in Power BI
Network Security - Hardened virtual networks
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Endpoint monitoring
Encryption - Encrypt data in transit and at rest
  • Key management strategies
Threat Monitoring - SIEM integration
  • Behavioral analytics
  • 24/7 monitoring and response
Regulatory Compliance - Provisions for data sovereignty
  • Auditing and reporting
  • Policy management

With meticulous controls across users, network, apps, and storage, your data assets are fully shielded from compromise. You can unlock deeper insights through analytics, knowing security is locked up tight.

Let Xylity establish robust protections so you can focus on actionable analytics. With defense-in-depth security built into every layer of your cloud data environment, you can drive your business forward knowing your analytics foundation is impenetrable.

Unleash Data’s Disruptive Potential

With rock-solid analytics foundations established, the real excitement begins – deriving groundbreaking insights that disrupt insurance norms.

Xylity helps insurers tap into previously unimaginable use cases:

Hyper-Personalized Premiums

ML algorithms crunch usage-based data to dynamically customize policies and rates to each customer’s behaviors and evolving risk profiles.

Claims Fraud Spotlight

AI sniffs out fraudulent claims in real-time by detecting subtle patterns across networks. Fight fraud before payments go out the door.

Geospatial Underwriting

Overlay geographic, demographic, and risk data to finely calibrate underwriting and pricing at local levels.

Customer Intelligence Hub

Create holistic customer profiles by unifying data across CRM, web, social media, and IoT sources. Serve hyper-targeted experiences

The possibilities are endless. With Xylity, insurers evolve from reactive claims processors to proactive risk managers delivering precision over blanket-spray policies. Let us help you transform into a customer-centric disruptor led by data-driven decisions at every turn.

Transform Your Insurance Insights

Derive strategic value from your insurance data with 3 of our super interactive dashboards.

Executive Dashboard

Making profitable decisions requires data-driven insights. Our specialized insurance dashboards provide real-time analytics so you can optimize your book of business.

With our dashboards, you can:

  • Track Revenue Trends: Follow annual premiums collected to forecast growth.
  • Monitor Claims Performance: View total payouts and breakdowns by product line. Control spending.
  • Analyze Producers: See claims payouts and revenue generated per producer using bar charts. Identify high performers.
  • Assess Products: Use bar charts to compare revenue across product lines. Double down on profitable products.
  • Select Timeframes: Filter data by year to identify trends over time. Spot issues early.
  • Make Strategic Decisions: Backed by data, adjust product mixes, incentivize star producers, and more.

With comprehensive insights into your book of business, you can manage risk, growth, and profitability more effectively. Our insurance dashboards provide clarity when you need it most.

Renewal Retention Dashboard

Keeping customers renewing is crucial for steady revenue. Our intuitive renewal dashboards provide real-time analytics so you can improve retention strategies.

With our dashboards, you can:

  • Track Retention Rates: View renewal retention percentages over time with bar graphs segmented by year and quarter. Identify issues quickly.
  • Pinpoint Dropout Stages: See where customers are lost in the renewal process using our retention funnel. Focus efforts on leakiest stages.
  • Monitor Summary Stats: Keep tabs on total renewals, cancellations/expirations, and overall retention rate. Set performance goals.
  • Identify Trends: Spot renewal patterns by factors like customer segment, geography, sales rep, and more. Customize analyses as needed.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Backed by analytics, adjust renewal touchpoints, incentives, and customer care to maximize retention.

Claims Dashboard

Managing claims effectively is crucial for insurance providers. Our intuitive claims dashboards provide real-time analytics so you can make data-driven decisions.

With our dashboards, you can:

  • Track Claim Amounts: Monitor total payouts and compare across years. Control spending.
  • Analyze by Product Line: View claim distribution across product lines using pie charts. Assess profitability.
  • Compare Policies: Follow metrics like average claim amount and days open by policy type via bar graphs. Identify issues.
  • Assess Expenses: Use line graphs to see claims spending trends over time. Forecast costs accurately.
  • Check Claim Status: Bar charts provide status overviews and help speed processing and closure.
  • Monitor Assured Amounts: Bar graphs show assured amount analysis by policy type. Ensure sufficient reserves.

With comprehensive insights into your claims handling, you can enhance processes and reduce expenses. Our dashboards transform messy data into clear visualizations.

Contact us now to boost insurance analytics.

Drive Transformative Outcomes

With Xylity as your guide, insurers can achieve transformative business outcomes:

Performance Soars

By migrating analytics to Azure, insurers benefit from limitless scale, reduced costs, and blazing fast query speeds. One client improved query performance by 3x after moving to Azure Synapse Analytics. With effortless scalability, insurers can ingest surging data volumes.

Security Hardened

Comprehensive controls safeguard data access while advanced protections shield against external threats. With row-level security, data encryption, and threat monitoring, insurers gain peace of mind to explore insights without distraction.

Timeliness Enhanced

Reduced latency and real-time dashboards accelerate insights for agile decision making. With cloud analytics, risk models operationalize to detect fraud during underwriting versus after claims are paid.

Precision Achieved

With scalable computing power, insurers sharpen pricing models and achieve hyper-personalization. Advanced ML algorithms crunch alternative data to customize policies based on each customer’s risk profile.

By elevating analytics to the cloud, insurers drive transformative outcomes. Let Xylity help you unlock the full potential of your data. The sky’s the limit!

Cruising Altitude - Engage Autopilot

The journey doesn’t end upon cloud migration. With your insurance analytics now soaring, Xylity provides ongoing management for smooth cruising.

Optimization Cycle

Continuously monitor performance KPIs and fine-tune to maximize speed, agility, and cost-efficiency. Like a self-driving car, analytics autopilots using insights to self-adjust.

Growth Rocket Boosters

Easily spin up extra capacity to handle spikes in data volume. Cloud’s flexible consumption model lets you scale seamlessly without limit.

Enhancement Spotlights

Focus Agile development on max business impact. Quickly illuminate new capabilities like AI-infused predictive models.

Your Flight Plan to Cloud Analytics Success

Turbulence Ahead for Insurance Data
  • Surging data volumes straining systems
  • Rigid on-premise infrastructures
  • Silos blocking single views of customers
  • Legacy platforms can’t keep pace with needs
Reach New Heights with Xylity
  • Extract value from chaotic data debris
  • Architect flexible cloud data pipelines
  • Implement robust governance and security
  • Operationalize AI/ML for precision insights
  • Continuous enhancement and optimization
With Xylity,Unlock Transformative Potential
  • Hyper-personalized customer experiences
  • Proactive risk identification
  • Disruptive capabilities and products
  • Data-driven, agile decision making

The Journey Begins with an Honest Conversation

Let us assess your needs and chart your flight plan to cloud success.

With Xylity as your copilot, insurers can reach new heights through cloud analytics. But first, we need to understand your challenges and goals. Reach out today to schedule a consultation. Together, we’ll map your flight plan to unlock the power of your data in the cloud!

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