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Jane's Manufacturing Miseries

As the operations manager at a medical device maker, Jane deals with delayed shipments and complaints. Silos between R&D, production and fulfillment cause errors when updating orders. Employees spend extra hours redoing work or fixing mix-ups. There has to be a better way.

When Disconnection Damages Business

Jane is losing valuable clients due to late deliveries, while profits slip away. Other issues plague her factory:

Customers take their business elsewhere instead of dealing with frustrations.

Staff spend too much time-solving problems instead of innovation.

No oversight into bottlenecks means wasted labor and materials.

Executives question why key metrics like orders filled on time dropped 20%.

With processes across teams fragmented:

  • Mistakes multiply during handoffs
  • Duplicated work eats the bottom line

Jane needs solutions before the CEO demands changes.

It's Time For Automation Advising

Process Automation Consulting from industry pioneers Xylity can help Jane streamline manufacturing workflows. Xylity strategists assess her specific struggles, then design optimized automated solutions. By integrating disconnected systems while training staff, Xylity ensures seamless collaboration that prevents duplications of efforts and errors. Jane will achieve operational excellence.

Achieve Process Perfection with a Strategic Partner

Xylity’s consultants optimize business performance through a comprehensive methodology. Strategists first perform in-depth process mapping to uncover all inefficiencies across the organization.

  • Consultants interview employees, observe workplace interactions and mine existing data systems to build a 360-degree view of operations
  • Metrics, KPIs and pain points surface for focus during the design phase

Shaped by key insights, automation experts then craft customized solutions. Dynamic workflows integrate disparate systems with intuitive interfaces.

  • Real-time dashboards provide process visibility from anywhere
  • Collaboration is frictionless whether teams are together or global
  • Automated tasks ensure perfect consistency and accuracy

Change management training prepares stakeholders for their evolving roles. Xylity actively supports go-lives and codifies optimizations.

Dedicated success managers uphold performance. As needs evolve, a long-term partnership sustains agility. Process excellence becomes an organizational core competency.

Rather than impose changes, Xylity champions voluntary transformations. Strategists enable your workforce to achieve greater results through empowerment and innovation.

Expert Guidance for Continuous Success

Xylity understands that process transformation requires dedicated guidance long-term. As a client’s most trusted consulting partner, Xylity aims to push the benefits of automation to their maximum potential.

A dedicated Process Automation Engineer is assigned to each client. This expert acts as an extension of internal teams, shouldering the responsibility of platform management.

  • Engineers have intricate knowledge of Xylity’s solutions, how to fully leverage powerful capabilities
  • As the builders of Xylity’s technology, they ensure optimized administration
  • Clients no longer need to develop the expertise, as Xylity provides this resource

The Process Automation Engineer is always available to help clients. They actively collaborate to refine automated workflows as business evolves over time.

Consistency and resilience are maintained through ongoing support from the engineers who understand each operation inside and out. Automation succeeds as a core competency with Xylity guiding continuous progress.

Expert Guidance Drives Optimal Results

Xylity works closely with each client to establish intelligent process automation best practices. Over several weeks, consultants assess current systems, workflows and resource allocation.

Strategists analyze opportunities to maximize value through integration of platforms

Insights highlight best practices around development, consolidation and optimization

Xylity outlines methodologies for modernization, transformation and ongoing refinement

Some focus areas Xylity helps clients establish include:

Decommissioning legacy systems to reduce technical debt

Consolidating tools for simplified administration

Modernizing outdated infrastructure for resilience and agility

Implementing transformations for permanent productivity boosts

Optimizing daily to extract new value from each process

Our best practices summary

Process Mapping
  • create high-level visual models of current workflows
  • identify dependencies, handoffs, bottlenecks for optimization
Centralized Governance
  • establish roles and committees for governance of automated processes.
  • standardized change management procedures
Integration & Consolidation
  • integrate disparate systems through API integration.
  • consolidate tools for simplified administration
Documentation & Training
  • codify processes in playbooks for consistency and resilience.
  • train employees on workflow changes through elearning
Performance Benchmarking
  • set KPIs to measure efficiency gains of automation.
  • conduct periodic process mining for insights
Adaptive Optimization
  • leverage AI to dynamically improve workflows over time.
  • continuously retire legacy systems for maximum agility
Knowledge Management
  • adopt knowledge bases for institutionalizing best practices.
  • establish communities of practice for peer learning

With Xylity’s expertise, clients institute proven methods for continuous workflow improvements. Consultants provide the strategic roadmap and guidance to maximize ROI from automation investments.

Achieving Success with a Human-Centered Approach

Xylity’s process automation experts believe that any transformation requires understanding your unique objectives and needs. Consultants begin by scheduling discovery sessions to:

Comprehend both immediate and long-term business targets

Meet teams across departments to gain varied viewpoints

Map current applications and analyze workflows end-to-end

After analyzing objectives alongside insights gathered, Xylity presents customized recommendations. This roadmap charts how to:

Overcome existing challenges through strategic automation

Pursue process excellence aligned with your goals

Establish optimal methods to sustain success over time

Rather than impose rigid frameworks, Xylity’s consultants collaborate closely. Their human-centered approach ensures lasting results through:

Buy-in attained via participative change planning

Education empowering staff to become advocates

Custom solutions reflecting your priorities

Proven Value Across Diverse Industries

“Xylity helped us streamline ordering and billing workflows. Staff spend 30% less time on manual tasks, boosting productivity. Patients feel our service improved thanks to fewer errors.”

  • VP, Regional Healthcare Provider

“Their consultants automated our supply chain processes end-to-end. We’re saving over 20% in logistics costs while virtually eliminating shipping mistakes. Sales are up since launches are faster than competitors.”

  • Director of Operations, Electronics Manufacturer

“By redesigning our maintenance processes with Xylity, Technicians now handle 20% more service tickets per month. Downtime decreased by half while customer satisfaction hit a new high.”

  • Facilities Manager, Global Airport Company

When you partner with experts as accomplished as Xylity, your organization gains a strategic advantage. Transform processes today for valuable and sustainable impacts across any industry.

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